Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

what's the most versatile type of camo? I've heard "woodland" I've heard "army acu digital" I've even heard "flecktarn"... what are your thought's on this?

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ATACS if it wasn't so expensive. I'll stick with Woodland Amoeba till ATACS comes down in prices and more accessories come out for it. But like everyone is saying Woodland is too readily available to not invest in as a beginner uniform.

Thanks you two, right now my tiny cash flow is directed towards RC airplanes,

I just started a little airsoft on the side, I would like to know what the primary

weapon requirements are.

  I might be coming out one of this month's Saturdays to play with a few friends.

SeeYa there

The Diamond Corps are ONLY the 2nd Saturday of each month unless told otherwise. This months game is this coming saturday then nothing till March. Just keep that in mind. There is also a schedule of upcoming games on the main page of the forum.

And the most up to date information on Draex Field and other DC events can be found on the Events tab of this website.

Can other people come on other days?

It is not open for games except the second saturday. Unless you could sweet talk Komissar into doing a private match but he is a busy man so I think once a month is enough for him. Just plan out the second Saturday unless you see a game on a different day due to a holiday or something.


I go full Flecktarn in Woodland, it's a versatile Camo, and as Kommisar pointed out, it's common, easily available, and has several varieties to suit the different terrains. Honestly, Digi-cam's I would steer clear of. While they can work well in most situations, the jagged patterning doesn't blend as easily into terrain as round 'splotch' type camouflages.

Personally, AUSCAM (AKA, Jellybean Camo) is quite decent for the sort of woodland you would find in Cali, and I imagine it would work well at the field, But, we also nickname it the 'Now you can't see me suit' for a reason... It's patterning works much better at 400 meters and beyond :P

But, then again, we also had one chap show up to a game of Laser Skirmish here in Aus in his Deer Hunting Camo (The sticks and leaves type printed camo you buy at walmart) And he almost disappeared in the woods surprisingly enough. The camo you pick is really down to personal preference.

And While I know it's not exactly encouraging local shopping (Sorry Guys! ^^") But has a very neatly laid out and inexpensive selection of pretty much every kind of camouflage you could want, I got my full sets of Flecktarn (Minus my webbing) from there for under $100.

Interesting that you mention to stay clear of digicams, my marine buddy who was a MARSOC marine was explaining the reason they wear it is because its not only versatile in different situations, but instead of hiding they generally bring the fight to the enemy. I realize good camo is vital but digi's work great in most situations. Deer hunting camo works great as well. My personal favorites have to be MARPAT and Multicam. 

Aye, the aim of camouflage is to blend into your environment, and jagged contours and edges of digital camo are not found naturally in a woodland or forest setting. Maybe if your on the side of a pile of gravel, or particularly rocky area's, I'd say go for it, but just in my experience here in Aus, for woodland, Digi-patterns made the guys stand out more than blend in, even when the colours matched, your eyes will pick out the inconsistencies.That's personal experience though, just giving my 2 cents.

Rounded and splotch and even jelly bean types tend to blend far better into the environment, even when the colours aren't quite matched ideally. 

The best I've found are honestly generic Woodland camo, Multicam, British DPM, and Flecktarn. Any one of those four should match up decently to woodland terrain.

Ah yes I like the DPM. and Multicam. Well said Fox. And very true. I play a mixture of urban and forest. And it can be personal preference.

depends where you live, woodland is great but if your in a drier, lighter colored area MARPAT or ACU can work well to. also when you say "versatile" that could also mean loadout wise. ACU and MARPAT  are good for milsim while not many U.S forces use woodland today as much as they used to. Flecktam is great to. if you go to walmart or ducks unlimited they have camo that looks like leaves and sticks i use that and it works flawlessly where i live and play [mostly forest] but when i do cqb i wear acu becuase it doest really matter if your 20,30 feet away

but remember it is also your personal preference

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