Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

First off I hope everyone had fun. I enjoyed seeing all the different outfits that the teams put together.  It was awesome.  Thank you to Everyone that showed up.  Also a special thanksTo Raven, and the Folks who played the Law. 


Im not really what to put down for this AAR because my scope of veiw was so limited.  So I will let you know what we wanted to achieve and you let us know how close to the head we hit the nail.  What we were trying to achieve was the "FEEL"of an old western movie.  we wanted tension, parinoia, suspence, all intersparced with breif action sequences. 


So tell us, did you have fun?  What was your teams Strategy? Were you able to stick to it? 



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THIS WAS EPIC!!!!!!! Now i don't have all the time in the world to go into detail (I will later though) but The regulators made the town our home sweet home and we made a lot of deals with the moonshiners and the cammies and we aimed to keep our bargains to the very end we also made deals with the big scary lawman as well. We tried a lot of manipulation and a lot of negotiation but we had to many chefs in the kitchen hehe but still worked out great. I had an excellent time and hope this will be an annual event.


More details to come

So I have a wee bit of time before I hit the hay I will fill in some detail I was apart of the Regulators and our first plan was to make the village our home and make sure there were no  Shady Folks hanging round there and trying to bribe the law.... little did I know that was where most of our cash was going. We ran from behind R2 our starting point and ended up in the town. waited a while for the first group to come in. Before the op even began we proposed a deal with the cammies to be finalized in the village.... which it did. Regulators then decided we wanted scalps and trophies. the cash would be secondary. Katie was always off "visiting her sister" collecting resources on her own and was never caught doing that once.... sneaky sneaky. the cash was usually held between Me Komissar or Katie. I held all the scalps due to the fact that they couldn't be stolen off us once captured. eventually all the teams made it to the town where I negotiated and unsteady deal between the Regulators and the moonshiners. they would help us with scalps and take all the money from the people. little my team know we could stash our money not on our person.....Hmmmph.... anyhoo katie ended up visiting her sister a lot and got all the resources. right before lunch a bounty was placed on the contractors (one of the teams we were hunting i had already attained about 9 of their scalps) when the sherrif said he wants two scalps from the contractors..... tank then proceeds to whip out all nine and say "which ones do you want".... sheriff with some hesitation looking at all the contractor scalps already attained "I need 2 fresh ones!!!"....... well shucks..... so me and the camies and bluewolf went on a little hunt and found the contractors and gunned down their entire team. 5 fresh scalps for the sheriff. money in the bank. after that the entire team was trying to make more deals than trying to find money and I started to venture outside the village with the moonshiners.... always watching my back and making sure they didn't betray me. the moonshiners and myself did plenty of raids. finally the last 10 minutes were called...... and the inevitable was about to pass. I knew from the beginning that there was going to be a massive shootout at the end...... just didn't think it would go down like it did. so I thought it was going to be the moonshiners personally.... but then again laura (Farmer) had it out for me for some reason unbenounced to me.....hmmmm.... I didn't expect it to be zach farmer to start the shooting. i got taken out in the first burst of fire. I expected everyone to shoot everyone but only a few people shot at a few others I was fully expecting moonshiners to try and take regulator tags in a blaze of cover fire..... aparrently not..... when i respawned i walked back in nonchalantly saw one dead farmer lying next to a live one I thought what a great way to get some tags we needed pistol in the gut of the live farmer..... to the dead farmer with very stern voice undertone of panic and hurry please "Gimme Your Scalp!!!!" dead farmer looks at me  and says something along the lines of "I don't think you can take scalps in town you might get shot"....... at this point I should have already had my scalp and shot the live farmer and taken his...... all the time Im watching the live farmer..... "I Don't Care Gimme Your SCALP!!!!!" dead farmer fumbles in pockets....... still watching live farmer pistol in his gut......... it seems like it goes on foreeeeeeeeever fumble fumble fumble fumble "SCAAAAALP SCALP SCLAJFA:FJASJASDKL:ASDJ:AJKJ SCALP!!!!!!!!!" dead farmer still fumbling..... I knew this is when live farmer would make his move for my pistol.... I had katie as overwatch 3 feet above me hehehehe....... i look at dead farmer just as he takes out scalps and live farmer grabs my pistol trying rear his shotgun arround..... I proceed in tank fashion to let out a whelp of NOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAHHAAOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! as we wrestle finally he gets a shot off barely getting my finger with one bb..... I was just pulling the trigger to get him in the shoulder..... not fast enough..... I look back at dead farmer saying i should have had his scalp in that period of time...... dead farmer puts scalps back in pocket.......... grrrrrrrr.......... katie shoots live farmer after I go down and live farmer takes a shotgun round of 7bbs point blank from sheriff....... overwatch ends regulators get third due to cap on scalps dooooooooooohhhh!!!!!

 all and all great fun can't wait for the next one

Correction:  I never had it out for "you", but rather held suspicions on your team and Moonshiners.  Knowing all the personalities of the people on all the teams, Komissar's too calm demeanor, and other various information that came through during the game; I had every right to feel suspicious.  As it was, during the skirmish at blue 1, my suspicion's were confirmed.  Next time I'll follow with instinct and.....?  Well, I guess we'll have to wait and see! :)

P.S  Myself and all the Farmers had a ton of fun and cannot wait for the next one!

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