Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

Not  to further hijack a thread made by another Operator, I am going to bring this discussion out.


You make a good case for the use of lasers, and I will be honest, I overlooked their use outside of combat. A properly calibrated barrel laser can significantly improve your ability to site in your pistol. A laser site on a mounted rail can assist greatly in practicing, giving you a tracking point to visually help.


However, in combat, a laser gives your enemy a direct line right back to you. Especially at night.


That's my line on it. Thoughts?

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agreed I used to have a laser flashlight combo on my scar I had got rid of it after my first op due to that very problem but i will admit its great for target competitions thats my two cents
Holo sights solve that. Get a decent holographic, something you can expect not to easily lose a lens while using, and you solve the problem of projecting an image while also benefitting from having an image to assist in targeting. However, in combat, if you're down to only a pistol, you're in trouble anyway.
unless you get some wierd above the rail slide for optics and pull a call of duty where the optic is bigger than the gun kinda pointless at that point
you mean a Glock 26 with a 8" long 3x9 scope? or just a standard ACOG?
To be quite honest, the idea of optics on a pistol seems kinda silly to me. I would hope most of us could hit a man sized target standing within 50 feet of us while using an airsoft pistol. Much longer range, and you might as well switch to an smg or carbine.

I am also a big fan of iron sites though.

Of course I couldn't find a real steel gun with the same over the top attachments. Must be the lower end of the Airsoft player gene pool.

I hate iron sights, but scopes on pistols are over doing it, unless of course, you have a 1911 razorcat. The only thing I would want on a pistol would be a lanyard and a active silencer. lazer I would forget to use....
Ha yeah scopes etc are kind of pointless IMO. And yes, it does give the enemy a line of sight back to you, but after you fire one shot they already will know where you are because of the loud sound. In my experience though during the daytime lasers (even green ones) are really hard to trace to the point of origin. At night I would not use lasers. But especially as i found out on saturday, I have the hardest time in the world aiming with a small pistol (it may be because i've grown so accustomed to holding up a heavy gun). Either way for me specifically (obviously its different for everyone) a laser would help me much more since it takes an average of 3-4 pistol shots for me to hit somebody, assuming they dont kill me before that.ha

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