Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

Just thought I'd post.  For all those who feel to want to add "suppression" fire but are un-willing to lay down the trigger option....

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yeah but pre order for evike is iffy :/ id recommend the burst wizard


This is what i run and is extremely nice, and has multiple functions etc

its a new form of burst wizard its one of their new products.

The Burst Avocado allows you to set how many BBs to fire...say 3 round or 12 rounds per trigger pull.


The burst wizard is not the same product.


And I am not an Evike promoter, I'm just promoting products that you technically (or hopefully) could purchase at JF paintball.

Burst Avocado? Get back to me when they come out with the Burst Twinkie.


Seriously though, i would probably be interested in something like this.

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