Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

Video of fight (Language Warning):

Field's response:

To summarize, the original argument was over a bang rule question.

I have two issues with this situation. First, bang kills.

Secondly, these are the people that represent our sport/game in the media.

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I watched this video previously and unless they changed anything beware of the language in it. It does get pretty bad. These guys have way too short of tempers to be playing in a sport like this especially to be playing in games with younger kids. Apparently these guys couldn't hack it in the MMA so they decided to try airsoft and get all hopped up on mountain dew before the game. Makes the sport look bad, I feel bad for Jericho, this could be tough to recover from with all the publicity this got online.

Agree completely. This is a really bad situation for Jericho. I think that their response was measured, and hopefully it will help them in future games.

Course, the field actually looks like it could be a fun one... minus the temper tantrums of some players of course.

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