Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

Are you an airsofter getting into Milsim? Avoid these 5 rookie mistakes.

  1. WEARING TOO MUCH OF THE OPPOSING TEAMS COLOR. A member of the opposing team should be able to take one look at your top half and immediately be able to determine which team youre on.  Remember, wearing both team colors is CONFUSING for the opposition.


  1. LACKING TRIGGER DISCIPLINE. Pretend like you only get one life in game.  Think twice before trying that 300 ft MP5 sniper shot.  Identify your target as enemy before pulling the trigger. 


  1. NOT COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR TEAM MATES. Milsim is a team game, where the best teams usually win.  Its up to each operator to communicate what they see and hear, either verbally or through the use of hand signals.  Conversely, if youre in a squad, make sure to periodically look at your team mates, as they may trying to communicate without speaking.  When hit, always yell “HIT!” loudly enough for your own team mates to hear.


  1. BEING TOO LITERAL WITH THE RULES. A particular game has a 20 ft grenade kill radius.  Youre out in the open and a grenade/mortar lands 21 ft away from.  You walk away unscathed.


  1. BEING OVERLY COMPETITIVE. Don’t be quick to accuse opposing players of cheating.  Even experienced players make mistakes, but you cant assume that its intentional.  If youre in a situation where another player disagrees with who shot who first, call yourselves both out.  Being in a Milsim atmosphere doesn’t give any a player the right to berate another player.

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thank you for these tips and i will make sure to use them.

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