Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

Since nobody else has taken the time to do so yet I would like to throw out a big thanks to Kalish for his time and effort he put into Recon 2014. I repeatedly asked if there was anything I could do to help out beforehand and his response was always "Nope, I think i have everything taken care of." Even though i was not playing I was able to see the thought and ingenuity put into a lot of the ideas for this years recon. As Komissar had told me a few times, how nobody really realizes the amount of time and prep work that is necessary to make games like Recon go on without a hitch, I could tell getting everything to mesh and not turn into a catastrophic failure mid-game is not an easy task. It was nice to see Kalish take the reigns and let Komissar get a chance to play in what he started. I hope everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves and hopefully we will have a lot of returning players next year, wherever it may be.

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Absolutely! Congratulations on a successful event Kalish! The AO, the pre-OP planning and coordination, through execution demonstrated the abilities you posses, and sets you apart from OPCOM status-quo! I know first hand how much effort goes into designing the RECON Challenge, and I can say that this years event was as good as any previous! Well done.

I also send my thanks to all those who gave of their time and effort, and resources in assisting Kalish with set-up and tear down. (God knows he did allow any help during the planning!) He kept that work all to himself so we could enjoy the experience. We have a great team!

I am planning an AAR, but I am also looking forward to reading each of yours as well!

You did a fantastic job this year my friend. From a team running perspective, everything went as smooth as I would expect. Looking forward to the next one.

this was truly a fantastic game even with the mild frustrations of the comms for my team (I think it added to the op as well made it feel more real and real life situations) i loved the props (DUDE I FOUND A HAND :D !!!!!!) and the effects and the AO added to the whole experience good job sir!!! you are definitely a scholar and a gent.

Thank you Kalish, the Recon Challenges have always been my favorite of all the OPs in a year and yours has respectfully joined the ranks. Thanks for hosting an incredible OP my friend.

Glad everyone had fun. As the game was nearing the end, I was wondering if it was too hard on the RECON teams. 

AAR is now up.

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