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Hello folks! This seems the best place to post as any for my current projects. Recently when I attended the RECON I was stumbling around in the dark tripped and destroyed my new gun. It was a new KWA SR 10 that I got specifically for Lions Claw.
Anyways enough with the sadness I am here to discuss a project of putting it back together. I'll start first photo. Bear with me this is my first time posting from the iPad

So it just may possible to weld this back together which I may try. I would also like to think about making this a smaller AEG as well. Technically when I got this I wanted the RIS( but I'm thinking I would like to modify this to maybe the commando size of 10.5" vs the 14". So I'm gonna need to find out pricing for this and see if I can pull it off. " Jensen!" Maybe you could give me some insight? I would probably be inclined to do the mod since At RECON I stripped the tip of the barrel anyways when I was trying to put my tracer unit on. Does anyone foresee any problems with this idea? I'm thinking I should be able to interchange the upper receiver without much issues but need to research it to be sure.

Also I may need a new hop up since this one seems it got stripped but either way I lost my nub. I'll post the hop up pic I think I might be able to get away with it but won't be able to tell until the new unit is put together.

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Here's the hop up.

It looks like you would need an upper receiver to get it up and working again.

The hop-up may be damaged, it looks like the side rails on it got chewed up.

To shorten it you would need an inner barrel, outer barrel and an appropriate handguard and delta ring or a rail system for it. I don't know what threads the KWA uses for its forend so you may need one of theirs, otherwise just about any airsoft front should work.

Cool the pictures are popping up!

Was thinking about cutting the inner barrel down and I wonder if I could even this outer barrel? I know they have nice machines to thread the ends but don't they have an attachment for a drill that could do that? Seems like it shouldn't be to hard. And the hand gaurd would still work fine. I'm hoping I can still use the hop up but it has definitely been chewed. Is there many after market hop ups for the kwa? I didn't think there were any besides kwa that would fit. What about nubs? I remember someone talking about switching it up. Thanks for the input Kalish!

Cutting down the inner barrel should work, you would most likely want to use a fine tooth hack saw blade and then some sand paper to smooth out the end and make sure there are no burrs inside the barrel.

Cutting down the outer would be easy, putting threads on it would not. Amazon sells 14mm reverse thread dies which would be what you need to cut the flash hider threads. Actually cutting the threads once you got the die would also be tough to make it straight and properly centered. If you know someone with a machine lathe they may be able to do it. Otherwise I would just try to buy the outer barrel, it would be much easier.

Is the delta ring where the outer barrel meets the receiver?
Yeah might be more trouble then it's worth. How much more accuracy/range would a tight bore give to the shorter barrel?

You know you can bring that here and I can do all of that for you blazed? Benefit of buying the gun from the store is free labor for the first year...:D

Also some of the newer SR10s actually have a two piece outer barrel as seen HERE. Mine did not but I believe yours should. probably right in front of the gas block. And yes, you would need a hop up and an upper receiver. Should not be hard to get at all. Depends on how hard it is to get the piece out of the delta ring/barrel assembly.

If you get this message at DC today and you have it with you send it up with Bill and I can probably have it done by next weekend as long as parts and everything are available.

Just seen it now thanks Jensen. I'll stop by this week sometime. Thanks again

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