Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

Hey guys, I've gotten a lot of questions asking where we get our mesh goggles. I am taking the time to post the website wear you can purchase these so you can say goodbye to fogged masks and glasses. Just order from this site and you will enjoy fog-less airsofting. Enjoy.

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My bugz came in today...

seem pretty sweet...

looking forward to testing them out this weekend...

You'll love 'em!

Used mine for the first time at Missions Day in November. Took a full spray to the face twice (I guess Legion likes head-shots lol) and they worked great.

how did you paint them... just a rattle can?

Yep. Nice and light on the spray. Don't want it to go on thick.

So mesh goggles are allowed? that is good because i prefer those. some places they dont allow them which is annoying. I am not sure what brand mine are but they are pretty good(i think)

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