Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

Hello everyone,

These past few months, I've found that gas pistols are essentially useless in the open expanse of the cold high desert. I've decided to sell my KWA 1911 Mk III PTP, and my Gemtech Oasis (suppressed Ruger Mk III .22 replica).

The 1911 is in excellent condition, just in need of lubrication since I haven't been using it. The model I have is matte black, with no rail and a bull barrel. It comes with a total of four single-stack 16 rd. mags, plus an additional two non-functioning mags in need of new followers, for a total of six. Also, KWA now offers 21-round double-stack magazines for their 1911s, but you will need to install a conversion kit if you want to go that route. My asking price for the whole package is $200 or best offer. If you want a really nice 1911, this is the best deal you're going to get for a complete system.

The Gemtech Oasis is a non-blowback, green gas or propane-powered replica of a Ruger .22 pistol with an integrated suppressor. It's made by KJW, I think. Shoots pretty hot, around 400 fps on a summer day. Great for use in lower temps or at night, when other pistols lose power. It comes with a total of four 17rd single-stack mags. Asking price for the whole package is $90 or best offer.

I also have 4 black Magpul PTS M4 midcaps, same size as real-steel 20 rd. 5.56 mags. They hold a total of 60 BBs each. Great for a DMR build. Asking $10 each, normally $15-$20 new. All in great condition with strong followers.

Given my current circumstances, I am very interested in any good deals on sniper rifles capable of performing reliably in 20 and 30 degree temps. I would also eventually like to procure an M4 pistol similar to Komissar's, such as an ARES Amoeba CCP or a VFC E-series "Baby M4". If anybody has a good line on anything like that, let me know.

I will do my best to attend at least one Diamond Corps event over Christmas break. If anyone is interested in the things I am selling, I will post pictures after the next time I visit the site where my non-dorm-friendly equipment is being stored.

Andrew Patti

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I will take the Magpul midcaps.

Okay, I'll consider those spoken for. I'm just waiting to find out what events will be going down over break, and I'll make sure to get those to you.

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