Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

I have been looking around Redwolf airsoft for an upgraded barrel for my G3 sas and there are a few different types. First is the TB which obviously stands for tight-bore, but there are also EG, SS, and ASH and I was wondering if that meant anything. And if so what, and how does it effect shooting?

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Most tbb are the same but are different at the same time. A 6.03mm by one brand may be the same performance-wise but may be made out of a heavy metal or a light metal. With TBB there is a math to it, you want the right amount of airspace inside the barrel so your bb doesnt get stuck if it gets dirty. 6.03mm are the most common and have better accuracy than the standard barrels. 6.01mm barrels are more accurate but only operate consistantly on semi, and if clean. I believe the EG up there is a brand name, not sure of the others. Also longer isnt always better, never go over 509mm without making sure your GB can handle it FPS-wise. Hope this helps.
haha, ya, I discovered not to get too long a barrel.... I have a full length G3 (custom built) so the gearbox is for the G3 sas and I need to get a bore-up kit... That is lots of help, thanks.

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