Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

so Im looking at new guns.  I know KWA is top of the line.  ICS produces a good product,  ECHO 1 has a couple of guns that look promising in some configurations that I like. 


So what is your take.  Looking for things like FPS out of the box, Rate of fire, mag compatability and availibilty. 

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Ended up going with ICS. thanks everyone for your input

Just got to feild my new Galil today.  and it was Awesome

Echo 1 is a rebranded JG. They make good stuff, but it is just like JG. So think decent FPS, OK ROF, an high compatability. Im glad you went with the ICS. they make great stuff, and the galil is my favorite.

Glad you had a gun that fits your play style and a gun that performs to your expectations.

I will see you on the field again and look forward to being shot by you my friend!

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