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My G3 was shooting at 280 fps stock (I put a full cylinder into it because the gearbox came from a G3-SAS) I put an SP120 spring in it and the fps decreased to 260. I have a really good seal in the cylinder, I just re-took it apart and tested it, there are no air leaks and i can only compress the piston about 1/4 of an inch when I cover the nozzle. I am not sure what else is wrong with it. Any ideas would be welcomed because this is my primary weapon and without it I would have to run around with a pistol... thanks.

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Does the piston lock up after that 1/4 of an inch or does it continue to slowly push in. I have found if it is too tight of a seal the really good compression will cause the gun to slow down the travel of the piston slowing down the velocity greatly. If everything there looks fine then it may be something with the hop up unit itself not seating properly to the gearbox loosing compression there. This may be a stupid idea but also check the air nozzle itself for dirt or debris. I found a piece of a broken bb wedged into the actual cylinder head and cause a significant loss in velocity. Also did you replace the air nozzle by chance, G3 air nozzles are a little longer than an M4 but look close.
The piston locks up after the 1/4 inch. Do I need a little less air seal? I am ordering a new hop-up bucking and nub soon too. (And I have not changed the nozzle)
If it is locking and not moving anymore you might need a different seal. Take the one you have into a hardware store and buy the closest size without going bigger and then just put it on, dont stretch it unless you dont get any compression at all.
even on that note, sometimes no compression or little compression will still give good results, I had a customer bring in a stock Echo1 that was shooting 405 and needed it under 400, pulled it apart and the piston had no compression at all, some just do better than others. Just grab a few and see which one gives you the best results

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