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So, a week after finally getting my Marushin Desert Eagle 8mm MAXI working, Tonight, I suffered my first catastrophic equipment failure and managed to waste an entire 12 round magazine in under a second. I -THINK- It's just blown an O-ring, But, as I have jack to -all idea of what I'm dealing with here, I may require some outside help to get this bad boy working again.

Basically what occurred was this. I took aim, pulled the trigger, got a loud pop, and had visible gas vapors coming from the muzzle of the weapon. Take note, it uses Duster gas mixed with Silicon oil in the nozzle adapter. Upon inspection of the weapon, and trying to re-fill the magazine, gas is audibly going in one end and out the other, so whatever is supposed to seal the gas in, isn't.

I may be able to get pics upon request, but The mag doesn't seem to want to dis-assemble easily either. 

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So what's happening is that the first shot empties all the gas? If that's the case it shouldn't be a mag problem, I've had this happen to a few guns and it's almost certainly a gas muzzle/chamber issue. I think this is more common with Japanese guns because they are just built for lower gas pressures. What's happening is that the gas chamber is not containing the gas properly, so there is not enough thrust to force the slide back. Because the slide is not going back, the hammer is not lifting back off of the gas valve, so the entire mag empties.

When I got "smart" and decided to play doctor with my 5.1 it was John Jensen of JF Paintball who came to my rescue.

It's a fixxed slide model, so it'd definatly the mag. When it's separate from the weapon, the gas hisses out as I fill it, so the containment is broke. Pretty certain it is just an O-ring, 'cause I've read alot of people saying the duster gas will do that since it's the next best thing to liquid nitrogen.

Going to crack it open and have a looksie later on if I can work out how to open the damned Mag itself.

I was just thinking about that, after confirming duster gas wasn't something else. That stuff works great for expanding from a liquid to a gas rapidly and expansively but its a very cold liquid so you probably freeze dried the o ring.

I would recommend take the mag down and wipe down all seals dry, then re-lube with silicone oil, not spray and you should be good to go. Most of the time you don't need to replace the orings, the gas will just dry them out badly which causes friction on moving orings and causes bad seals on static orings.

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