Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

This is the "Goblin Deuce" ""Hide Away"" shotgun pistol. This creation is capable of firing 12 6mm BBs per shell or three paintball per shell (but who cares) and operates off of standard green gas or Co2.

A video regarding its review can be found here, between the times of 0:46 and 3:20.

A web sight giving more details can be found here.

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Ild take a MK23 over it anyday, but it might be interesting. Not really my thing.

If you want one let me know. I know that guy has been trying to get us to carry his stuff for a while. He is coming out with some cool stuff lately. Lapco Paintball is also coming out with a CO2 powered break barrel alot like Gils but the shells seem to be constructed better. gotta love the pirate-ish acting.


At some point...I will want to order. 

can do. just let me know.

I am also interested but I need some prices.

I can call tomorrow and check on prices. Should be able to get either of them and all the accessories.

Just got everything set up through them. They dont give me much room on the price but I can do the same prices as GI if anyone is interested and should be able to get them in before the cottonwood game. Just let me know and I can get them in.

Deuce- $95.95

Solo- $84.99

Air cartridges(shells) only come in a single for $14 or a 5 pack for $60. If you guys only want a couple and we get a few orders we can figure out how to split the packs for a few people.

someone needs to design some 6mm first strike rounds. or heck make them 7mm and chamber all the marksmen rifles from here on out to 7mm. a paintball going 500' is pretty gnarly imagine an airsoft bb.

I could probably order them but it would be tough to find something to shoot them other then playing a big civil war game. Not really sure how they perform either.

Maybe you could expand the design into a full-blown break-action double barrel shotgun. Good for a civilian/wild west/cqb game. If anybody has the manufacturer's ear... just an idea.

Just out of curiosity- what's the spread like on these things- could you perhaps take out two or even all four targets at a time in an "Iron Spider" pistol match with one of these? I smell a loophole.

A "loop-hole" that is debunked due to the rule that a single miss requires you to restart the set.

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