Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

Head Hunters "Once upon a time in the North" - April 27th

In the wake of Project Mayhem the govt. of the United States has fractured and broken. Ten years of natural disasters, civil war, and chaos have turned the former United States into a 3rd world country. Unrest racks the once great nation.


We turn our attention to a small town in northern Nevada.  Battle Mountain was a small town before the turmoil broke out and destroyed the US, but unlike many other places, the inhabitants were used to living off the land with very little.  Cowboys and Miners, Farmers, and Ranchers. When the trucks stopped rolling down the highway their way of life didn’t collapse.  It simply regressed back to the days of Butch and Sundance, when a man went about his business with a six shooter on his hip.


These days Battle Mountain is a small working community and mostly peaceful, but that’s not to say it’s without conflict.  Miners feud with Ranchers over perceived slights, Cowboys fight with Farmers over water rights and land usage.  The Town has survived because a small band of law men have taken charge of the area and keep any one side from slaughtering the others.  They keep the silver flowing in from the mines, the moonshine coming in from the stills, the fuel coming in from the tanks and the food coming in from the ranches.


We are looking for 5 Teams of 5 Operators, to step into the boots of these hard working and hard fighting groups.  Help out your neighbors or rob them blind, ambush your enemies and loot their corpses, earn what silver you can, and gather fuel and food for the town.  Hunt down renegades for the Law, and earn even more!  See if you end the day the richest team on the field, or the bloodiest.

Team registration is a REQUIRED!


This is a Pistols, Shotguns and Bolt Action Rifle only Event.


Ammo will be provided so don't bring your own.


Operators should be wearing minimal tactical gear; belts and holsters are fine but leave the Molle gear at home.  Each Team should have a distinct "look" or "Theme" to them that should be determined by the team.  Each Team must be wearing at least 1 easily identifiable item that sets themselves apart from the other operators, that Item must be included in the Registration email, the first team to pick a look or theme (Your Look or Theme need not be based on the above examples) gets it. Camo is discouraged but not restricted.


We currently have 1 Team wearing Cowboy hats, Tan Bandanas and Dusters.


We will also be hosting a ‘Quick and the Dead’ Tournament at the beginning of the day.  Come see if you are the fastest gun on the field!

Quick and the Dead Rules

1. Operators will have 1 Pistol.

2. Operators will have a leg or hip holster for their pistol.

3. Operators will have a designated area to stand in and fire from.  They may not leave the area. 

4. Operators may choose to have a Judge shout draw, to start their match, or they may elect to stare one another down until they draw.

5. There will be judges to help determine who was struck first if the operators can not determine it between the two of them.

6. If neither the operators or the judges can determine who was struck first both operators are killed and neither continue in the tournament.

7. Shoot the other guy first.

8. The Winner Advances to to the next round the loser does not.

Please plan on making it out for the entire day.  Last time I ran an event we had over half the operators leave half way through which makes it hard for the OPCOM to make sure everyone has fun.

Please send TEAM REGISTRATION to with the names of all the operators on your team, and your identifiable "Theme" or "Look".

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I am looking forward to this event!

This is going to be fun! Yippy-Ki-Yay!

I loved the first and I cannot wait for the second.

I would be down for this... I'll need me a revolver though... We'll see how I go with getting everything else organised first :P

Really wish I could make it to this!

You dont "NEED" a revolver for this op.... almost any pistol will do.  You just get extra style points from OPCOM for having one. 

I get extra style points!

I was looking at all the cool old west style guns. then decided to just use my 1911 and get a shot gun (full stock)

I picked up a UTG tri-shot with full stock for Kate. Now I am doing some custom work on it for the OP. We each have our Glock pistols should we need them, but I think the shotguns are great. Call Jensen at JF Airsoft!

Okay, F troop will have all five members!

Got my shotty! I wanted a trishot but decided to go more with our theme!

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