Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

Thanks to everyone who showed up for the First HeadHunters Op. I hope Everyone had fun, 


In the First Evo, The CCC was able to locate and destroy 3 out of 5 of the GBA safe houses.


In the Second The GBA forces were unable to steal the weapons they needed to bolster thir offence,  the CCC was just to dug in. 


For the third, we lost to many people to go with what we had origianlly planned for.  So we did a hostage exchange, with only pistols and shotguns, and some bandits thrown in the mix just to make things lively.


I learned some neat stuff, that we will be rolling into the next Headhunters.  So keep an eye out for the next one down the road!!

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Congratulations on a successful half OP; I was very disappointed that we only got half the OP due to attendance. The half we did get was most enjoyable. I loved the integration of base assault into a mission as this is usually left for free play at the end of the day instead of being part of the day. The attempted theft of the weapons was entertaining due to the new terrain as never has a major event in an OP taken place in that low corner. I also enjoyed the addition of a "third party" played by the bandits as they are always a wild card. You have my respect for being able to so quickly think up an alternative ending to your OP as you lost operators. I enjoyed the prisoner exchange as again we had not done such a thing in an OP as well as the wonderful addition of limiting weapons to shotguns and pistols. I think that the revamped civil war that erupted after the exchange of the prisoners will foster even more exciting missions. Again I am disappointed we did not get the last half of the OP but I am for sure looking forward to the next Headhunters II.

Sound's like it was an awesome day, sorry I missed it. Come next year once I'm back with Citizenship, I'll have more reliable transport and actually will try to make my attendance a regular thing.

Totally awesome OP. I even learned some new things :)

I really enjoyed playing the OP. The addition of limited fire power on our side, and not knowing anyone's respon rules made for a very interesting game. In the second evo, I enjoyed getting to play in an area that I was not familiar with. You should run the other evos during a missions day sometime. Waiting for headhunters 2.

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