Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

Hey Diamond Corps it's Ziggy. How's the game been going for you? Anyone get any new gear? Any new additions to the field? I picked up the KWA Gbbr m4 when I got here to TX. It's pretty sweet.

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 No new gear for a while, but I borrowed a shotgun last Missions day and must say that one of those is next on my purchase list. Very satisfying weapon. Really looking forward to Headhunters this weekend !! Is airsoft a big thing is TX ?

Sweet man, shotguns are great fun. Airsoft is semi big here, paintball is still the bigger sport here though so it's tough finding a place nearby. Spidedd and I found a pretty large field but we haven't gone to play there yet, just to check out the field and people. Similar to DC except it has no shade and is kinda flat lol.

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