Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

Alright I have been looking into some different high speed motors to significantly increase the ROF of my P90. I am thinking about either the G&P M120 high speed motor or the CA high speed motor. I need the motor to be decently cheap and durable. Any other suggestions?

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Systema high speed , i use it in my p90 with a 12 volt battery , not only has it never broke it has changable tips wich is really important ,

But would that shred my gears?

My suggestion, (only because you asked), is don't do it. Yep, I said don't do it! It's a waste of your money, and shortens the life of your AEG. (Besides that, no one enjoys getting hit with 20 rounds when one will do the job. You will end up making people angry for over-spray kills).

Long term, you will waste more money on BB's, and having to maintenance your AEG.

What are you not getting out of your AEG currently that you want? Kills? Suppression? Noise? Or maybe you just have too much money burning a hole in your pocket? (Sorry, but I had to ask?)

You want kills? Skill, and learning how to use the right weapon. Learn to work with your team.

Suppression? A P90 is the wrong weapon for support, but it can be used to suppress or cover, and it doesn't even take full auto. Just training.

Noise? Can't help ya there, . . . a loud battle cry might help. Might not.

If you just want to waste money spraying more rounds all over while shortening the life of your AEG's internels, then I completely understand. Oh wait, . . . nope, . . I still don't get it.

Shoot fewer, more accurate shots using skill and teamwork, by practice, discipline, and control. More fun, and a whole lot cheaper!

Komissar that really made my day! What I was wanting the motor for is most likely because I like guns that sound like a buzz-saw when they go off. The real P90 shoots a extremely high ROF and I kind of wanted to replicate it. But I see your point. I really need to improve my range, but I still like the whole buzz-saw effect. You pull the trigger and everyone's heads duck. I think its wore of the fear factor that I like.

I'll give you one more idea to consider.

The life expectancy of the M60 gunner in Vietnam was considerably shorter than his rifle equipped buddies. The moment those heavy suppression weapons started blazing away on full auto, they attracted plenty of attention, which resulted in their untimely demise.

To put it simply; a high rate of fire, or a long burst on full auto lets your opponents know where you are. Many operators, like those on the Corps, will move toward that sound. Letting people know where you are, will draw enemy fire and can get you killed.

When you decide, also upgrade your gear set, spring guide, piston, piston head, cylinder, cylinder head, hop up bucking, and use quality ammo. A chain will break at the weakest link. If you only upgrade one piece, the next stock part is bound to break soon after. Do it right the first time.


See you on the field.

Thanks for the advice. I'm also putting in a guarder FTK that replaces basically my whole gear box. Im also including an active silencer for when I don't want the attention. I'm kind of an action junkie/mil-sim guy.
Hey I found a discussion on a different airsoft forum saying that the Echo1 P90s stock gears are fine for a high speed setup. What do you think?
What I think? It really doesn't matter what I think.

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