Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

So, I searched the forums and didn't see a topic, but please let me know if I missed it. 


Being a father of four, I am always looking for good deals on stuff.  I've recently been looking for a balance of good price and quality on the BBs I buy, and would like to know if you all have any good dealers to buy BBs from on the "cheap".


Here are the two sites I've come across for inexpensive but decent quality BBs:

Here you can find King Arms brand BBs at $8.00 - $13.00 per bag, as well as DBoy M4 Midcaps, Intellect batteries and a few other airsoft accessories at a very reasonable price.  However, you will have to have a $50.00 minimum purchase and pay $15.00ish in shipping on that order.




On this site you will need to make a minimum of a $100.00 purchase, but will find Golden Ball BBs for $6.00 - $10.00 per bag.  There are also a number of other airsoft items, as this is a more sirsoft specific wholesaler.


Both sites are wholesale sites but in all the research I've done, it appears an individual can get wholesale prices from DP and a slightly marked up at Point Act.


Well, that's what I've found.  I hope it helps someone or it spurs some others to divulge their BB dealer secrets.


Preacha, out.







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I've never bought in bulk. Since a bag of bb's can last me two maybe three events and the fact I only go once a month, the $15/bag costs at AEX doesn't hurt. I don't know the number of times per month you play or how much ammo you spend in a single day, but if you're required top make a minimum purchase amount, I'd find others to buy with you.

Not sure if this helps in the slightest but this is the cheapest deal on .28BBs I have found. 5000 .28 TSD BBs for ~$18.25

Honestly one of the better deals is at JF. The KSC Perfects are great quality bb's and are rather inexpensive (i think its like $14 for 3000 .25's). If you aren't too concerned with super high quality bb's, javelins at AEX run a pretty good price as well
The KSC's have worked great for us for about 7 years now and have never had any complaints from anyone and we can always get them in which is why we primarily carry those. OTD the ksc's run 14.98 w/tax for any weight (.20/4000 .25/3000 .30/2200) we have also carried the TSD BB's in the Bios and some non-Bio's, they do run a little more but bags are usually a little larger. Honestly, they shoot good but not as good as the KSC's. Like Phoenix said though, it all depends on how much you go through in a day. When I played paintball regularly, if i brought one case of paint, I went through one case of paint a day, If i brought 3 cases of paint, I went through 3 cases of paint a day. I imagine it could turn out bad for you if you bought say 10 bags at a time and your kids found out. lol
I would say I burn through around 500 - 800 rounds per match, so I don't need a ton up front.  I'll have to check out JF next time I'm out by Grass Valley.  Thanks for the input all.  I appreciate the pointers.
I meant day not match...I'm not that trigger happy :-).

I have always been a fan of C.I.C.O.

What is that?

Edric The Chef said:

I have always been a fan of C.I.C.O.

Crap in, crap out. I was making a joke.
LOL gotcha...sorry, I know its never funny when you have to explain it.  You figure I'd have heard that acronym after 12 years in the military.
It's pretty common in the computer industry.

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