Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

My brother in law is looking to buy a G&G F2000, mainly for use as a field rifle. We have read all the reviews but does anyone have any personal experience with one? 

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I hadn't even heard of it. He must like the body styling? I never have cared for the P90 or a bull-pup design, so I am afraid I won't be much help. I would stay with a traditional M4. (CA or KWA) for now. Here's the add for review, . . . 


"A decent FN2000 airsoft replica has been released! Introducing the fully licensed G&G F2000. Featuring a full metal upper receiver with optics rail and removable front sight with flip down rear. The body of the rifle is made from G&G's nylon reinforced polymer and features prominent FN logos on either side of the weapon. other features include P90 style fire selector, adjustable FPS and 450 M16 style mag. If your a P90 fan looking for a full size rifle or an airsofter looking for something new and well detailed, look no further, the F2000 from G&G is for you."


  • Brand New Rifle built by G&G and fully licensed by FN Herstal
  • Metal optics rail with removable front sight and flip down rear sight
  • Polymer body
  • adjustable FPS (by 10%)
  • 450 hicap M16 mag
  • Rifle Length: 27.5"

Anyone have any information?

Sam Fisher--- Splinter Cell anyone. I'm personally not big on this rifles ergonomics, and I like the AUG/P90. To each his own?

Hey Cross, tell your brother in law that he may want to consider another gun.  I myself and another guy on our team own one and they both have the same problem, proprietary mag issues.  For some reason the only mags that feed half way decent are the G&G Hicap mags, which are atleast $30 a pop.  You can do some modifications to the hop up unit, gearbox, and mag feed unit and you still may have issues.  I did the listed mods and I still have mag feed issues.  G&G said they fixed the problem with the newest models, but I haven't heard any confirmations on this.  Here are the Pros and Cons.


-Great distance for a bullpup

-Quick change spring and adjustable FPS

-Semi/Full auto trigger like the AUG


-Mag Issue


-Akward grip that can cause hand cramping

If your brother in law still really wants one and he lives in this area tell him I might sell him mine.  He can email me at

Thanks for the info Juice. I've shown him other bullpup rifles compatable with the stanag style magazine as he loves the ergonomics of my p90 but wants a field rifle that can use the same mags that my father in law and I use. So far he's not to interested in the l85 or tar21 but maybe this mag info will change his mind. 

Personally I really like Bull-pups but this gun was a bit awkward to hold.  Dr Airsoft has one, you might try him.

I just picked up a Tokyo Marui AUG.  They use their own magazine type but its a good Bull-pup design that has surprisingly a rather large amount of upgrades and options.  Mine will shoot 400 fps with 20s and rumor was that it would shoot up to 460 with an upgraded spring!  (previous owner had downgraded the spring).  Its a bit back heavy but that is what I've run across with most bull-pups.

This is what I have, not sure what has been upgraded but so far I really dig it.  Highly recommend a lipo 7.4.

Just my two cents

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