Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

Now that I'm away at college, and playing in some new environments, I've gone through a major re-adjustment in my gear. I've been looking at the option of an "M4 Pistol" as part of a lightweight, easily transportable CQB setup. The idea is to provide the firepower of an SMG while retaining the M4 mags and web gear, and gaining the incredibly small and light form factor.

I remember from past games at DRAEX that Komissar had a similar setup going. I'd like to know more about it, what make it was, what kind of performance to expect if I went for something similar.

Any and all advice and recommendations are appreciated, and I look forward to playing with you all again when I come home for Christmas break.

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His is an ICS brand CQB Pistol(click on that for a link to some info.) It has a split type gearbox which makes maintenance a little easier, parts are pretty easily available, most of common with standard V2 parts. A few other models which seem to be pretty nice are the Ares Amoeba line(Amoeba CCP for the pistol type) If you are not dead set on a pistol type the KWA SR7 is a great gun for CQB, I also have an Echo1 XCR Metal version which is a pretty decent gun and fairly compact in the stock version. I know a few DC players have the CQB Pistol and other ICS M4's which can give you their personal opinion, I myself usually stick with the KWAs but that is just me.

Yes, the pistol configuration is what I've got my sights set on. So the Amoeba CCPs are alright? I've been looking closely at them in particular, and the VFC E-series M4 pistol as well. I have no experience with ICS in general or the split gearbox in particular, since I'm not much of a modder or techie, so honestly what it comes down to is build quality, out-of-the box performance, and weight.

out of those just go with whatever catches your eye more. Quality wise they should be about the same. VFC will be able to take majority V2 parts where the amoeba and ICS have more proprietary parts. At least from my experience. You should be happy with any of those choices though.

Okay, sounds good. Thanks for the advice.

Just chiming in to verify: Yep it's an ICS. I've had it approx. 4 years and it has never let me down. it doesn't have the accuracy at  range that the carbines and rifles do, but it is light and quick to bring on target. Just prior to Lion Claws in May, Kalish did some work on it, and improved it's rate of fire. (Not that it was bad to begin with!)

I'll hope to see you in the next few months!

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