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Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone could suggest some compatible parts for the 2GX geabox. I am looking at different Systema and G&P parts, but if anyone could tell me some compatible piston/piston heads (designed for an M140) and a high torque motor and gears I would be grateful, thanks.


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KWA gearboxes bone stock can handle up to a M150 Spring so I would personally run it stock unless you want to spend extra money. In my SR-10 I have everything stock except for a Modify Quantum Piston which has worked out awesome for me so far. As for gears I would recommend to just keep the gears stock unless you are looking for helical or super torque which are not necessary for the gun setup. If you want to run a 140 spring you will be putting more stress on the gears so I would recommend doing a good shim job just to tighten up the set a little more. Other than that I would leave everything stock, THe stock piston heads, cylinder, cylinder head and wiring harness all are good quality and will work fine for a long time. I have worked on alot of them and own two now so I can vouch for the stock internals. My SR-10 is over a year and a half old and I havent had to replace anything (replaced the piston thinking it needed it but it wasnt)
what kind of velocity are you trying to get out of it by the way? on mine a SP110 was able to shoot 425 with .20 no problem, and I have put it all the way up to a SP130 which gave me about 450 with .30(all I had for the short period I had it in there.)
Really? Thanks John. I'm trying to get about 390 with a .25. Could you install the spring and do the shim job?
Yeah shouldn't be a problem, if you put in a sp110 you should be pretty close to 400 with .25. Shim job probably won't be too necessary unless you went higher than that.

OK sounds good, if you could send me a price, I'll try to stop by one day up there and get it installed. Thanks for the help. I contacted AEX and they told me I would need a new piston, piston head, gears, motor and spring before my gun would be a DMR. When they totaled the price it was 330$.... I was wondering if i really need to have a systema magnum, super high torque gears, m160 etc. in my gun...

You could do all of that but I would say start stock and work up as you go. Mine shoots plenty good with stock parts, you may go with a longer tight bore if you don't already have one. But use it till it breaks or till you get the money little by little to get the parts.
I agree, I bought the KWA so I didn't need thousands of upgrades. I have a 590 6.03 prommy, and a G&P Max Accuracy bucking (works better for my DMR?). It shoots super far already, but I didn't know if I needed anything else.
actually what did you gun chrono at this weekend? we can check it again at the shop but I got to thinking and most of the kwa m16s are already pushing 400 with .25 so if you ended up putting in a different spring it could be way over the limit. Either way bring it in and we can chrono it and see from there.

it was chroning at 370 with a .23.


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