Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

I'm considering making the drive out this weekend to partake in Mission Day.  A quick question for the forum..


On the Mission Day info page it states the following under the Weapons and Ammo title:

"NO weapon may fire greater than 400fps using .25 gram BB's."


Most fields allow SPR class guns if configured correctly.  Are SPR class guns forbidden on the field if they are shoot greater than 400 FPS but configured for semi only?  Of course minimal engagement distance will apply.

My SPR shoots between 450-500 with .25.

Thanks in advance.


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Occasionally we will allow guns that shoot greater than the limit for SPR/Sniper style guns, however it is usually for veteran players at our field who have proven they are not going to break the rules or break the minimum engagement distances. I am going to assume you have not made it out to any of our games or events so unfortunately i think it is safe to say the first few times that gun will not be allowed. With Drakes field there is really no need for anything shooting above the 400fps limit, most game play puts you well within the distance of a gun shooting 400fps. If you do have any more questions please do not hesitate to ask. Hopefully you have another gun available and can come out this weekend. It is always nice to see new players.


I can respect that.  Thanks for the quick reply.  I't looks like I will be heading out that way on Saturday and will have one (possibly two) in tow.  No worries about the use of the gun as I have many to fall back on. I'll have it on hand for any other "veteran" players who would like to use it if allowed.

See you this weekend,


Sounds good, look forward to seeing you out there. 

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