Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

Anyone got any mp5 (any variants) parts they want to part with? I will pay, trade, paint, or fix stuff for you

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Got a lot of G3 junk, not much MP5.

Got quite a few MP5 parts. Got a cheap chinese MP5SD (integral silencer) front end, some lame "tactical force" recievers, a metal lower reciever, and a working MP5 (with mostly TM externals and mixed brand gearbox) with a non-working flashlight handguard. Some other odds and ends but no complete/working stocks. Sell it all for $80, or $40 without the gearbox.

I have a metal upper that is in OK shape (do not know brand), Plastic lower and a MP5 PDW style side folding stock.

What kind of G3 stuff do you have Spartan?
Spartan said:

Got a lot of G3 junk, not much MP5.

full body classic army, and almost all the internals.

its this here:



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