Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

Previously an operator had to chose between face protection and being able to wear a cover or headset. This is a new alternative that offers both full face protection and the ability to wear a cover or helmet.

These masks are designed for protection from dragon flies, June bugs, flies, rocks, and other flying material from striking the face while riding a motorcycle.

According to the web sight these masks are:

On 09-24-2011 I got the opportunity to try on one of these masks. It fit very close to the face and was comfortable as well as very clear offering almost peripheral vision due to the domed lens. Overall I would say that these masks are superior in available field of view then traditional paintball masks.


Pricing for these masks off the Web:

Solid Color: $109.00

Custom Paint: $139.00

Contact Information:

PHONE: 408-356-8040



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Interesting. I will have to see it in action.
Interesting, however cost prohibitive. I am staying with my mesh until given reason otherwise. Thanks for the post.

Sorry but those dont look bery comfortable and are not very visually appealing to me. Maybe if I wanted to try and be Boba Fett for halloween :D

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