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Operation: LION CLAWS XVII: May 26th&27th 2018

 This post last updated: March 7th 2018

All operators:  Attending the Lion Claws XVII event is a commitment. You are responsible for meeting the requirements. Please ask if you have questions or need assistance.

AO Location: The event location is the same as prior years which was George Air-force Base in Victorville SoCal. 17746 George Blvd. Victorville, CA 92394. Per Google this is a 6-7 hour trip from Sacramento.

Area Description: George Air Force Base was decommissioned in 1992 and has been left to fall into disrepair ever since. Among the abandoned structures are hundreds of homes, barracks, and a couple of schools. The sprawl of abandoned and dilapidated buildings, dead landscape, and years of collected tumbleweeds.

Fuel and Travel: TBD

Expect that fuel costs will be shared by ALL operators in each the vehicle.

Hotel: TBD

The team used Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham at 11750 Dunia Road, Victorville, CA, 92392888-950-5062 Link: HERE

It is rated 4+ stars by it guests has a pool and nice amenities. It is 12.7 miles from the AO and is a nice hotel for the price.

Showers, toilets, and beds are nice. Fridge and Microwave. The Jacuzzi, pool, and pancake machine are a plus for our mornings and evenings! Walking distance to great food and a movie theater.

YOU are responsible for paying for your room including tax and anything else on the bill!

Food and Water: 

This is an obvious expense that must be considered per operator. Plan for it. Most operators carry a 2.5 or 3 liter hydration carrier during the OP. You are expected to be prepared and self-sufficient.

FPS Limits:

AEGs are required to fire under 366 FPS using .25 gram ammo. Read the LC rules for any exceptions.

Mid-Cap Magazines: 

Required. Elite Force M4 mags were available from JF last year at around $8 per mag, and worked in all AEGs so mags could be shared during a firefight.


Only fully sealed eye-protection is allowed. Read the rules to see that yours meet the requirements.

Protective Gear:

Although not a requirement, quality gloves, knee-pads, and lower face protection is recommended.

Lion Claws Safety Video: HERE


The military has what they call ‘Blue Force Trackers’, and we use a program which works similarly in effect. For those who have Smartphones, you should be able to download an app called Maprika at no cost. Once we have a copy of the AO map provided by OPCOM we will upload it, and then using GPS the app will place a marker on the map shown on your screen identifying each DC team member. This app is not currently an LC requirement, however it is heavily suggested as it may provide you the only means of regrouping with the team considering the one-square mile MOUT AO.


LC Team operators must have a radio. Your radio will be programmed by Kurt (RTO) prior to the OP once we have received our team frequencies from OPCOM.

The team radio is BAOFENG which comes standard with a HIGH GAIN antenna. Our suggestion is to add an improved antenna by SAIN SONIC which will greatly improve the transmission/reception between operators. You may also want a cable extension to relocate your antenna away from your radio pouch.

Squad ID:

Each operator will have a gray shemaugh. You can get this one LINK or you can get it from JF Airsoft/Paintball in Grass Valley. Let's support local!


DC Operators Attending/Paid/Confirmed Info List:

After you have registered and paid a confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail. Blazed will let you know when to expect its arrival. Contact him with any corrections at that time. REGISTRATION LINK

(Blazed) Nick Stenberg (confirmed) Platoon Leader    (530) 388 8818          DC

   RTO/Platoon Sargent   

1st Squad

Delmar Stuermer         (confirmed)                   SQL       (530) 327 8054        DC

(Sloth) Allen White                                        (706) 830 7380

(Col Sanders) Jacob Margetts          (confirmed)          (530) 230 8102          

(ZAP) Zach Perkins               (confirmed)                      (503) 490 4257

(Yoshi) Tony Brooks               (confirmed)                      (530) 434 4761         DC

(Hombre) Montana Stuerme  (confirmed)                      (530) 762 8245          

Johnny Parker                        (confirmed                        (530) 802 6447          Emprise

(Dumbo) Jacob Thomason    (confirmed)                       (530) 613 2241           Emprise

Paul Stuermer.                      (confirmed)                                         

(CJ) Christopher Paul.          (confirmed)                        (530) 559-4862          Emprise

Garret Graves                       (confirmed)                        (530) 644-3291          Emprise

(Kilo) Kyle                               (Confirmed)

2nd Squad

(Rocco) Nick Rocco                       SQL       (916) 666 0611          DC

Tyler Eck                     (confirmed)                                (530) 635 6189         Reapers

Matt Aguirre                (confirmed)                                 (530) 923 6629         Reapers

Josh Reinolds             (confirmed)                                (530) 990 0293         Reapers

Justin Reinolds           (confirmed)                                (530) 566 4288         Reapers

Julian Rodriguez         (confirmed)                                (530) 635 2134         Reapers

Justin Cantil                 (confirmed                                 (253) 202 1818         Reapers

John Eslinger                                                (530) 434 8976         Reapers

OP Force Description:

Lion Claws Facebook link HERE.

Lion Claws Forums link HERE.

Alpha Command: Command Sargent Major (Ret) Mark Collazos (Operation Gothic Serpent, Battle of Mogadishu, Somalia October, 1993).

ALPHA forces wear Mutlicam uniforms and are commanded by CSM Collazos. He will have one or two officers who will assist in command and communications. ALPHA will likely have four (or more) Platoons led by a Platoon Leader (LT), who is assisted by a Platoon Sgt. (PLSGT). Each Platoon consists of four squads, each led by a Squad Leader (SL). Each squad typically has twelve operators, and may be broken down into Fire-teams led by Fire-team Leaders (FTLs). It is NOT as confusing as it sounds here.

In 2014 Diamond Corps was 2nd Squad of 2nd Platoon. (Simply known as ALPHA 2/2).

In 2015 Diamond Corps took command of ALPHA 2nd Platoon, and had DC operators in both squads 2/2 and 2/3.

In 2016 Diamond Corps again commanded ALPHA 2nd Platoon, and had DC operators in both squads 2/2 and 2/3.

In 2017 Diamond Corps commanded BRAVO 1st Platoon 'Russian Soviet Airborne' under CO Igor Dobroff.

We look forward to 2018 as ALPHA Co. 'Rangers' under CO (Ret) Mark Collazos.

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Yes. I have been playing at Draex field for almost 4 years now. I’ve been talking to Komissar about going to LC for the past couple months. I couldn’t make it to the meeting on Saturday because of a school event but my buddies, Jonny Parker and Jacob Thomason, went and filled me in on the details.

Ok guys everybody MUST  be signed up and paid for LC by next missions day.  Also EVERYONE MUST be AT next missions day!  Otherwise the boot will ensue!

Is it too late to RSVP? I just learned that I am allowed to go and can have everything ready in the next couple of weeks (depending on multicam shipping time). 

Garrett Graves (Emprise Army Airsoft)


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