Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

Alright I have been working on a custom P90 for a while now and am interested if anyone has any ideas for different upgrades or mods that would look good on the gun or increase its performance.

I currently have installed:

Madbull 6.03 Tightbore

Guarder FTK

And I was considering a Madbull Noveske amplifier.

Thanks for the help!

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A higher speed set of gears to make the fire rate more realistic would be cool.

Simple upgrades might include an SP120 spring (unnecessary if you are happy with the fps), or even using a 9.6 battery.

Is it currently doing what you want it to do?

Komissar: The gun is shooting the way I want it to. I am already using it with both the 9.6 and SP120. The thing I dislike a bout the P90 is the lack of unique mods you can put on it.

Oh, i will check this out and see what i can find, since you caught my interest. (sounds like my g3, difficult to find mods and accessories for.)
the only thing i could come up with is this. A mod for an M4 mag and an extended front rail system.

I have seen the M4 mod but I like running 170 rd mid caps. I will have to look into the rail though. I was also thinking of a custom job to do something like this:

How about a paint job?
Ha I would like to do that, but art and painting is one of the skills I am severely lacking. If you know anyone who could do one for cheap or free I would appreciate it.

The P90 is such a great looking gun as is. Most I'd go with is an extended barrel/suppressor and maybe that extended rail. I'm all about slapping fun stuff on your gun but like Komissar will point out: stuff = weight. weight slows the operator down.


I ran a P90 for one round on Training Day 2009. It had a Red/Green dot and a flashlight. It was so very nice, it was almost like an extension of my arm.

I totally agree with you Phoenix. I am not really interested in messing around with rails and extended box mags. I like the gun as it is. I don't really want to mount a M203 on the bottom of P90. I will probably just add a reflex sight and a laser. I will bring it as my main on the next mission day.

Ferge does an excellent job on camo paint. You might send him a request.

Here is a picture of his M4. Hard to tell how nice it is by this picture, but you'll have an idea.

A more expensive/unique route might be to do the whole paint dip thing. I forget the exact name of it...But it's great not only to do a perfect camo on it, but it makes it extremely unique looking. Only side effect is it runs i think $150 or more to do so. I don't know the specifics...

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