Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

Alright I have been working on a custom P90 for a while now and am interested if anyone has any ideas for different upgrades or mods that would look good on the gun or increase its performance.

I currently have installed:

Madbull 6.03 Tightbore

Guarder FTK

And I was considering a Madbull Noveske amplifier.

Thanks for the help!

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This is the sit to get Hydrographics done. They have numerous examples of items that have gone through the process and they look amazing.

I agree, and I am now looking into getting it done on my gun. I'm still debating if its worth the price though.
If you plan on keeping that gun permanently then i'd say it'd definately worth the price. Because not only is it tactical for camouflage etc, but it looks professional, looks unique and great, and it won't wear off like normal paint so it will be there forever. And if you do decide you wanted to sell it in the future, this would increase its value, rather than decrease it (as a homedone paint job would). My 2 cents :)

I agree it does look very professional and unique. I was looking into this one:

That looks awesome. I'd ask them if they happen to have pictures of an p90's they may have done before to give you an idea. Or just any gun with that ^^ pattern

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