Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

I'm looking at picking up either a black Sig P226 or a WE 5.1 Dragon. I really like the Dragon but it's Silver. Not very Mil Sim friendly obviously. How difficult is it to take down and Paint a gun like this? Should I even bother or just go with the Sig or something else entirely. Looking as spending $100 if anyone out there has something to put up.

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I have the TM High Capa 5.1 that came with a glossy orange tip. I have sanded it off a few times and painted over it with flat black paint. Despite this I have never gotten it to look right and the paint still sluffs off without much problem. I do not now what the constitution of the chrome coloring is but if it is anything like the orange paint I would give up on the painting idea. If the slide is metal that can tolerate high temp then I know a guy who is very skilled at the powder-coating process and can make it a very nice (permanent) flat black, or whatever other color you prefer for that matter. Best of luck...
Thanks for the insight Scramble. I think I'll pass on this one and hold out for something else that would require less modifications. If I'm going to spend money on modifications it's going to be for performance rather than esthetics. :)

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