Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

Hello Everyone. Not sure what category this post fits into, since I'm both asking for advice and perhaps making a buy/sell request, but here goes. Bear with me, as this post will be a little long.

For a few months, I've been running a PDW, specifically a KWA H&K MP7 sub-machine gun. It's an effective system, but lacking in a few key areas:

1) Sling integration: I need to find a way to carry the gun hands-free while using my sidearm or performing other tasks. BTW, the dropleg MP7 holster system I've used sucks incredibly bad, but I won't bore you with the details unless you ask me to. Suffice to say, I need to find a sling that will work for MP7. Single-point would be nice. It needs to fit the little ring-shaped H&K sling attachment points on the body of the gun. So my first set of questions are:

a) Can you suggest a sling make and model? Does anyone have one for sale or know someone who does?

b) Can anyone else who knows about the KWA MP7 comment on the attachment points? What they are compatible with, how strong they are under stress, etc.?

2) Magazine integration: MP7 mags are long, skinny, and heavy. I either need to find used MOLLE pouches compatible with them, or find some way of adapting my existing M4/M16 mag pouches to hold them securely. Buying a brand-new MP7 rig is out, too much money for tac gear that is only applicable to airsoft, unlike the M4/M16 rigs. Also, (and I know I'm being spoiled here), it would be nice to find something in OD green to match the rest of my gear.

Ideas, anyone? Used gear you can sell me that would work?

3) Finally, I've been thinking about it, and I wonder if it wouldn't be simpler to sell the MP7 and all its accessories, and put the money towards a Magpul PDR-C instead. Takes M4/M16 mags, so I wouldn't have to solve the mag integration issue, and I like the more compact bullpup configuration. So:

a) Does anyone want to buy my MP7, it's 5 40-round mags, and its 1 20-round flush-fit mag? All are in excellent condition, lightly used, asking price starts at $320 for the full package. (I paid a total of $350 to put this whole system together about nine months ago.)

b) Does anyone have a Magpul PDR for sale in good condition?

c) Can anyone comment on the sling integration issue for the PDR? Or even just give a general opinion on the gun?

Thanks in advance for any advice, support, or options you can give me. I'm glad I have this community to turn to with questions like this.

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Addendum: The 20-round flush-fit mag and one of the 5 40-rounder stick mags are brand new, bought by me. The rest of the system is used, bought from an experienced DC operator who I trust to take good care of his gear.

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