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Hey so I just recently finished my 1911 project and I started to wonder if anyone else on D Corps had project guns? By project I mean a gun (pistol, or full rifle) that underwent much customization, time, effort to make it your own gun, or even a better version of itself. (I think both internally, and externally should apply). And post pictures too!!


I'll start it off, I just finished a 3 week project on a 1911. I started with a TM 1911 MEU with some minor internal upgrades. I then bought a Guarder FBI Metal body for it and some custom grips and an extra TM MEU mag (sooo hard to find). From there was a constant on and off effort of removing all the parts form the old body, to file into, silicon, press and squeeze into the aluminum body...hardest crap to do ever.ha. I finally put it together a couple days ago. Only quirk is for reasons unbeknownst to me it can only fire .25's. if i use .2's the gas fires incorrectly and the gun won't cycle. 

Overall though the gun feels and looks amazing, and it shoots straighter then any pistol I've ever used. plus it has amazing blowback!






And closeups




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I remember that gun, but I was a little bit more scared of the gas shotgun, lol.

Cpl. Ziggy (Mike) said:

My project gun is a Lindenarms (my brand lol) Silent G36K made from an Echo1 G36C Gen. 3. I say Silent because the sound it makes is close to silent. Also the main purpose of this gun is to be a menueverable field sniper or urban setting sniper.

Ive foamed the body

Added a madbull 6.01 TBB at 363mm length


Firefly hopup

and working on a different motor type.


So far players have said its barely audible outside of 20ft in a combat zone. Its still a work in progress, i still plan on a padded piston head/ the new piston head type that just came out and adding a ever longer inner and outer barrel. Plus the SL8 mags.

I think it's time to revitalize this thread. I saw quite a few guns out at DC, some of which looked very customized. Remember a project gun could be anything that was modified from its original state (at least in my opinion). So lets see them! whether you just did it or did it forever ago. What i just finished doing (with the help of jf....ha) was installing on my g&g m14 ebr a firefly bucking with a prometheus eg 550 mm 6.04 tbb. i also had to get the gears switched out for element gears, and jf fixed the compression for me. gun is shooting like a beast now, perfectly straight for long distances. i painted allt he plastic parts a dark green with slight brown, looks very natural on it and helps with camouflage. i just switched out for an aimpoint on it, also have a harris style bipod on it. love this gun!
Alright I'll aid in the revitalization. I recently acquired a KWA KM16BR and turned it into my DMR rifle. I modded it with a Mad Bull full metal hop-up, 534 6.01 tightbore, active silencer, and 4x32 scope (thanks Spidedd). More to come...
That's pretty awesome. glad to hear you like the scope!

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