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hello i just wanted some tips on an aiisof sniper that i was pondering on buying. i have been through my fair share of AEGs and assorted weapons and honestly prefer long barreled guns or marksman-sniper rifles. This gun: was one i was looking at buying. hopefully soon i may be able to join diamond corps and in reading your rules found that only weapons up to 400fps are permitted. however if i use .25g BBs it should keep the fps down. just wanted your advice. only have a couple of hundred bucks so needed some advice.

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i also looked into UTC, KWA, and King Arms etc. but couldn't find any under 400fps in my price range.

A couple things, the velocity limit is under 400fps WITH .25's so in reality it is about 425 with .20s. There arent a whole lot of guys who run with sniper rifles at the field. It is a large field but an AEG would probably work out better. Maybe an M16 or something similar to get a little more range. What is the price range you are trying to stay in. If you live close to Grass Valley you can come by JF Airsoft and check out some guns and maybe I can find something that will fit what you are looking for. There are good options for sniper rifles if that is the route you really want to go but personally I have not been too impressed with the TSD quality of products. My advice is dont get something just because it is what you can afford. Find something in a reasonable price range and save up to get that. I have seen alot of people buy cheaper guns because they could afford it at the time but they could have spent about $20-$50 more and gotten something a lot nicer.

You really should search for some reviews of that particular bolt action rifle. Most are extremely poor. It looks like that model has been out for 4+ years and it still is getting bad reviews on many of the airsoft forums. The JG BAR-10 would be a better platform to start with if you are looking for an inexpensive "sniper" style gun to start with. From my reading on them you need to put a lot of time/money into any bolt action to make it much better than a good AEG.


 I would suggest looking at used guns as well, particularly on Craigslist.. It's a very common thing for operators to spend a great deal of money buying and upgrading a sniper rifle, then find out that they much prefer the skirmish adrenaline rush to the hardcore patience and precision that it takes to be an effective sniper. Consequently, they sell their rifles for a lot less than what they invested, on forums and especially craigslist. It's nice to actaully be able to see/ shoot the gun before you buy too.

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