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RECON Challenge 2019

In the tradition of one of our favorite military roles, and with full respect for those who are truly some of the finest of our nations defenders; the US Special Forces. This event is a challenge for operators looking to subject themselves to a more rigorous environment, and even greater demand than other OPs can offer. This is a new approach which allows operators a greater choice of action in planning and tactics to create a more realistic style of Mil-Sim.


The Idea:

Do you want a true Recon team challenge? Not just another standup gunfight or conflict of arms. A challenge for those teams who can move undetected, perceive the enemy at distance, think out of the box, and overcome difficulties during an operation. Orders and delegation, planning options, execution and adaptation are all elements of the RECON Challenge.


You will need to be able to work with your team. Know the limitations and the strengths of your teammates, and yourself. You will need to be creative and good at solving problems while under pressure. You must analyze each situation, come up with a good solution quickly, and put that plan into determined action. You must be willing to persist when it is not easy. You will need to look out for each other because every one of you is a valuable asset.


The Forces:

RECON Team: Up to six independent Recon Teams consisting of four men each.  Operators will need to form their Recon team prior to registering. Recon team operators will need to sign-up in 4-man teams. Each operator will have a particular MOS (Military Occupational Specialties) decided by the operators registering. Each team must have each of the following: Team Leader, RTO (Radio/Telephone Operator), Land Navigation Specialist, and Combat Engineer. Register with a team name which will be your team handle. All operators on your team must have matching uniforms including a cover.  It’s your team's choice as to what camo pattern and color.

Cost: $25 per operator.

RECON Teams must register as a complete team.  Register by sending your team information to:  After confirmed registration, your team will receive an email with further instructions.

Example of registration for RECON Team:

Team name: Psuedo

Uniform: Marpat including cover (hats/helmet/ect)

Team Leader: John Doe (Sledge)

RTO: Pete McGee (Chatter)

Land Navigator: Will Johnston (Talon)

Demolitionist: Alyson Wood (Boomer)


Hunter/Killer Team (affectionately known as HK’s): HK Teams have six or more operators.

(HK Registration is not yet open).


AO Location:

This event is always held at a different location so that previous attending operators do not have an advantage in either layout or terrain.

The 2018 RECON Challenge will be held on a private field in North San Juan near Grass Valley/Nevada City.

*Due to limited options for parking at this years location, carpooling is highly recommended.


Date: To be Announced

This event has been posted with the understanding that interested operators need time to arrange their busy schedules. This event will NOT be canceled due to weather.


Site Schedule:

Operators may arrive on site no earlier than 1400 hrs.

Intro and Safety briefing at 1545.

Team Leader briefing at 1600.

RTO briefing at 1630.

Land Navigator briefing at 1700.

Engineer briefing at 1730.

Teams deployed to field at 1750.

Game begins at 1800. Game end is at 0000.


Equipping your RECON Team:

Ultimately your team must work together to complete its objectives. Win or lose, you will do it together.  Every team member is recommended to carry: watch, pencil/pen, flashlight, gloves, compass, electrical tape, zip ties, paracord, screwdriver, cutting tools, etc.  If in doubt it is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

Team Leader: As leader, it is your job to ensure the safety of your team.  This operator will be responsible for presenting OPCOM with the teams DZ (Drop Zone) for mission start. As acting leader, he is responsible for the team briefing and delegation. The operator is responsible for tracking the time and planning the team’s task priority. Team authority may still be shared as equals for all real time effects. The team leader is responsible for keeping his team alive and completing missions.  Items issued to the team by OPCOM may be delegated within the team at your discretion.   

RTO (Radio/Telephone Operator):

Although all operators on the team are required to have radios, the RTO should have a radio with sub-channels and is responsible for answering SITREPs as requested and to communicate with OPCOM during the event. Good communication is vital, and a good RTO is priceless. In addition to SITREPs, the RTO will also be required to deliver an Operational Report to OPCOM at least once during the OP. Communication is his responsibility.

Land Navigation Specialist:

This operator will be issued maps by OPCOM which need to be detailed for mission success. He is responsible for assisting the team with navigation, and he should have a compass as well as good night time directional skills. If anyone has it easy, . . . it isn’t this guy.

Combat Engineer (Demolitionist):

This operator is required to have the necessary tools and equipment for his position. The list will be posted prior to the OP, and might include: electrical tape, wire cutters, wire strippers, etc. (OPCOM may at the time of briefing also provide items such as: colored wire, connectors, C4, etc.). He is responsible for assembling any devices which the team might need per individual objectives. This description is purposely being kept without detail, but you can imagine what might be lined up for this operator. Pick your best adrenaline junkie.


Team insertion - Drop Zone or DZ:

After the MOS briefings, and the team ready meeting, the team leaders will meet with OPCOM and give the grid location on the map where they would like their team inserted. Once all teams have given their request, OPCOM will escort each team to their start location. Teams don't always get dropped right where they would like, . . . expect some deviation.


Recon Team and Operations:

Once started, the teams would have six hours before operation end at 0000 hrs. The recon teams should have nearly two hours of daylight before darkness to use as they choose. Although it’s easier to maneuver during the day it is at an obviously much higher risk.

Your team will have a list of tasks that are available to complete. The list varies every year, but averages about twenty separate tasks. Some are harder than others, some take more time, and some are multi-stage tasks. If you used your briefing time wisely prior to choosing your teams insertion point (DZ), then you had a plan before your boots hit the ground. Either way, decisions will need to be made. Your team will decide what tasks to attempt and in what order, or whether or not even to try some of them.


Example of a Mission Task:

Most all cell phones have cameras and the ability to send any picture taken via text message attachment. From your mission sheet, Task number 7 might require your team to take a picture of a ‘device’ located at map grid Delta Six. The image must then be sent to OPCOM for confirmation, via text message by your RTO. Your navigator informs you that Delta Six is located in a field not far from your position. Remember it is likely to be dark while your team moves into position. Seeing the lights of an approaching HK patrol, your team disappears into the nearby brush and lets it pass. Waiting until the patrol is safely out of sight, your team moves on toward grid D 6 down a narrow path. As you approach the open field you hear another force approaching, but they don’t even know your there. Do you let them pass or set for ambush? You’re a RECON Team, this is your job, and the night has just begun.


Respawn Rules:

All operators are required to have a red death rag for the daylight portion of this event. A RED glow-stick will be issued to every operator for use in the same way as a death rag during the night portion of this event.

An operator who is shot is considered DEAD and will safely go to the ground and remain motionless in that location for 2 minutes (120 seconds). During this time he/she will display his RED rag/glow-stick as a sign of his death. After the 2 minutes he will put away his RED rag/glow-stick and move to re-group with his/her team.


Dog Tags: Each operator will be issued a ‘Dog Tag’ this specific event which are individually numbered for each operator. These Dog Tags can be taken from the operator who is “DEAD” as described above in respawn. Once taken, the Dog Tag cannot be recovered, and the Tag becomes the property of the operator who collected it. Hunter/Killer Teams will always try to collect Dog Tags from Recon Teams. Recon Teams may also attempt to collect Dog Tags from HK Teams or other Recon Teams.  All Dog Tags will need to be returned to OPCOM at the end of the event.


Four Operators, Six Hours, 30+ Missions

Decide your MOS

Decide your missions

Choose your insertion point

Does your team have what it takes?

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