Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

I have decided that I have a few too many guns, parts and accessories so I will be putting some of it up for sale. Let me know what you are interested in and I will bring it to Missions Day. Feel free to make offers, I want most of this gone.


Classic Army Sar Offizier M41 Shorty G3

  2x highcap, 2x midcap (Midcaps will not feed on full auto, rate of fire too fast)

  ASCU Mosfet installed, Safe/Semi/Burst-auto

  Madbull Tight Bore Barrel

  G&G metal hop-up unit instead of the stock plastic Classic Army unit (also included if you want it)

  JG Blue high torque motor



Tokyo Marui MC51 Shorty G3

  2x highcap, 2x midcap

  Stock + Deans


Tokyo Marui G3 externals: lower, wide handguard, stock, outer barrel, other small parts from it also available

Older style MP5 body, hopup and barrel, Pretty sure classic army


Metal M4 body


M4 RIS-2 for real delta ring, One for ICS style delta ring


LIPO, 1x buffer tube and 1x stick, both 7.4 with Mini connectors

  $10 each

Other stuff, V2 and V3 gearbox shells, RIS for standard delta rings, ICS m4 front ends CQB and standard length, sling, Can bring out various gearbox internals if people are looking for parts, primarily stock but in decent shape: gears, pistons, cylinders, spring guides, stock springs, etc.

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Hey Kalish, I'm very interested in the MP5K folding stock.  Is there anything on my list of stuff you'd be willing to trade for?

Is the MP5 A4 still for sale?  I don't have anything to trade so I can just pay in cash though I would like to know more about the gun itself: performance, durability, age, etc. Email me at if you're still selling. 

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