Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

This is video footage taken from Capt. Scramble helmet cam during the extraction of a South Vietnamese informant “Papa San” from a village located in the Quang Nam Province. In this record Capt. Scramble and his squad secure a village with the assistance of Marines. Capt. Scramble begins the search for the informant using a predetermined code phrase so as not to reveal the identity of the informant to potential Viet Cong assassins who may be present in the village. During the search US forces shot an inebriated civilian as he approached US personnel and became uncooperative. Shortly after the shooting the informant was discovered and Capt. Scramble and his squad exited the village under protection from the USMC providing overwatch. During the extraction a Viet Cong assassin pulled a pistol and attempted to kill the informant as well as US forces. All members of Capt. Scramble's squad engaged the assassin and killed him. The sudden violence of the engagement with the VC assassin threw the villagers into a panic and they began to flee. In the confusion members of Capt. Scramble’s squad fired on two other civilians resulting in their deaths. All US forces pulled out of the village and successfully loaded the SV informant into Helicopter transport. Information received from SV informant was reviewed by Capt. Scramble which led to the discovery and destruction of a NV supply of fuel and ammunition located in the valley.
Note of Interest:

"MarlFox": It has been request that you indicate at which point Capt. Scramble became a "frantic commander" as per your report.

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