Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

Are games continuing during this whole Covid thing?

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Is there any games coming up? My son is hitting me hard to play. Thanks guys

There's a game for sure every second Saturday of the month, so yes there's one this upcoming Saturday (The 8th)

Confirming game on this Saturday (Sept 8th) despite current t weather conditions?

Thanks again!

Hey, it will actually be the 12th this month (every second saturday) and we played the other month when it was 104 and I think it's only supposed to be mid 90's if the weather report holds true, so should be a-go!

Confirmed, we will not close. Every second Saturday since 2006!

Thank you sir! I had my dates wrong. Is there any fire alert for your area yet? i.e. still playing? My son is dying to play and getting bummed about all the hurdles that get in the way.

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