Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

Hello Diamond Corps! Long time no see, so it’s great to be added to your community. The field photos look great and I hope to bring a small squad out soon. 

If we’ve never met, then here’s a little bit about my Airsoft experience:

2005-got into Airsoft and founded a group called Airsoft Recon (ASR)

2005-2009 ASR hosted monthly games at Boggs Mtn Demonstration forest. I had made an agreement with the on-site Rangers to use 20-30 acres of the park. Those games were from Fri night to Sun afternoon. I started the areas first documented use of “kill cards” and created a points system so players could count out kills and get a prize on Sunday. Our last organized event was the Reconners Challenge, where 6-man squads had to compete against one another achieving six objectives without being spotted or killed. I would also organize historic theme event with the Cummerians. 

2009-2017 Marine Corps Historical Assn, board of Directors. This is not an Airsoft group, but a full immersion living history camp. There’s more about this at

2017- present founded Milsim Corps with Matt Richards and DT Ramone. Milsim Corps is our new and budding Airsoft team. We’re looking for memebers (new airsofters are great!) and trying to get to events once a month. In a nod to both the ASR and Cimm games, we have a Friday night feast before Saturday operations. All are welcome. Bring something to share. 

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It's great to have in the area, and I look forward to having you and the team out to the field! 

Thanks for the post! I hadn't met anyone who remembers the 'good ol' days for quite some time.

2017 was very light on any serious OPs. I am hoping 2018 sees more true Mil-Sim events.

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