Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

The term “Noob” as defined by the Gaming Community states: “A new member of a community lacking in experience”. Noobs are considered by many to be prey, or a constant source of irritation to be avoided and scorned;
however, many forget that every operator began as a Noob and slowly graduated
to their current standing through experience and the aid of established
operators. Therefore it is the duty of all veteran operators to aid in the
“denoobification” of new members to the sport of Airsoft. The goal of this
paper is to shed light on the Fatal Flaws of Noobs.


                                                        (See attached PDF)

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The things in life that I find most true, are the same things that I find the most funny. Nice work Scramble.
Any hope of getting a few copies of this available next Saturday? I can print up a couple.
thanks, we noobs appreciate this! i gave your link to my team as mandatory reading
I totally agree with gun control growing up in a hunting communtity in New England taught me the importance of this at an early age, if you have ever experienced an accident of this sort in person it can really change your stance on people barrel sweeping and discharging in a populated area as I unfortunatly have. I wont go into too much detail but my friend has gotten 3 surgeries to regain the use of his right hand because a guy claimed the gun had its magazine out and was unloaded, what he had forgotten was that there was still a round chambered and demonstrated that it was empty by pulling the trigger at my friends dominant hand you get the picture. On a lighter note this was entertaining to read and very funny because its all true thanks Scramble.
I just finished reading this and even as one familiar with tactics and military manuevers am and still an Airsoft NOOB of sorts. This was excellent and very informative Scramble. Thanks for putting this together. Can't wait for mission day tomorrow. My favorite was page 16 and 17 though I have to admit. If I ever get asked to "Go First" I know who to come for.
Just finished re-reading this, and there are a few things I need to work on... mostly silhouetting, but I have been working on that. Very good paper that is very useful, thanks for writing it!
Not that I can think of, I will let you know if I do think of something.
Blindfire bang kills. It really makes me mad when I'm sitting in a protected base and then I hear bang bang bang. Very noobish...

Thank you for making this. This will save my butt in the battlefield.

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