Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

Alex from Misfits brought this to my attention and wanted me to pass it along to everyone. Another attempt at changing the laws for airsoft are in a works.

Contact you representatives and let your voice be heard.

Assemblyman Wes Chesboro District 2/Co-Author of Bill (916) 319-2002

Sen. Jim Nielson District 4 (916) 651-4004

Sen. Ted Gaines District 1 (530) 225-3142

Assemblyman Brian Dahle District 1 (530) 223-6300

Blow these office phones up and let them know how you feel.

Basically if this passes it outlaws airsoft unless you have a clear or bright colored guns ans making selling them very hard.

It will also cause most of the major events to leave cali.

SB 199 Senate Bill – AMENDED

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Greattttt.....Don't you just love California?

Complaining on here or getting angry won't help, guys Get to writing letters, and calling reps and the gov. Get your friends to do it too. The Airsoft community beat this type of thing before by coming together.

So do what Jensen said!

Ignorance of the people is the greater risk. Thank you for the post, and the re-posts. Now where's my phone!

thats the first thing I am doing tomorrow

Looks like Cali just got SCREWED.

All of the dates on that thing you posted was from the beginning of january. unless mine linked to the wrong page.

I am not good at the link thing. As of 2 hours ago two of the major Airsoft promoters (One apears to be Evike exec.), are basing each other and John Lu was writing stuff to keep the peace. One of them appears to have removed his posts. Last name was also Chang.

Go to Walter Chang's Page and then hit the translation button on the top posts. I think this will work.

Jensen: Can you explain what this is.

his top post translated comes up with this:

Than it is quality, not price ~ ~ ~ falling into a vortex of low price competition, everybody can't climb out, then only rely on each other for warmth to live!!! Don't make yourself look very cheap and experienced business people who know, once you start to become purely on the basis of low price competition, the outcome is not far away (Translated by Bing)

Unless it is a bad translation I have no idea what this might mean. as of just now this is the current status of SB199:

My above post is concerning two big retailers who are not getting along.

And a post on SB199 update:

Hey Everyone,
   I just want to say "WOW" . As you have noticed we got a huge surge of signers thanks to Airsoft Megastore. With their help we managd to get over a thousand signers in one day!! . Below is an excert from Soap with new info on whats goin on behind the scenes. At the bottom is a list of links to info and buisnesses that have helped out with posting this petition.

The Airsoft Safety Foundation, working with Mr. Evike Change, Mr. Andrew Ho, and other ASF officers have secured a meeting with Senator De Leon to discuss SB199! The bill remains in the CA Assembly and is still pending committee assignment and a hearing date, so hopefully the gentlemen can work out an agreement on the bill before it proceeds any farther! Thanks to Airsoft Safety Foundation's persistent effort, Mr. Evike Chang, Mr. Andrew Ho and other ASF officers have gotten Senator De Leon to agree talk over SB199.

Maggiore Soap spoke with Alex, Senator De Leon's staffer on SB199 today. After a 15 minute conversation, we can confirm that De Leon and his staff are working with industry representatives to amend the bill. They hear our concerns regarding the coloration and economic impact, and have arranged a meeting with the Airsoft Safety Foundation and other industry representatives (per For California's press release yesterday) to discuss the bill and how to find a solution that does not threaten airsoft, while at the same time improves public safety.

Soap stressed that airsoft guns are NOT toys, and that the responsibility lieswith the parents furnishing their children with BB devices. Alex agreed, stating that educating the public on the issue is key. She also noted that the Senator and his staff are looking at alternatives to solid-color guns, including ideas such as a side stripe on the gun, or a muzzle stripe like the orange tip law currently in place. Furthermore, she stated that they are also examining what steps can be taken to ensure that minors do not obtain BB devices without proper instruction and supervision.

Overall, the conversation yielded a few new pieces of information, but more importantly, it revealed that Senator De Leon and his staff are hearing our concerns, and are willing to meet with representatives to discuss SB199.

This does NOT mean we can relax the pressure! We must ALL continue to CALL OUR REPRESENTATIVES, making sure that we are clear and respectful! We are gaining ground, but we CANNOT let anyone else fight this battle for us! Get to those phones, and call your assembly representatives today, tomorrow, and every day until they get the message!

Please continue to share this information with everyone in California. This is OUR fight. We must come together as one community, leaving behind our prejudices (speedsoft vs. milsim vs. impressions vs. walk-on players vs. ...), and stand together to defeat this bill!

Oh sorry, when I looked at the post it looked like posts had been pulled. Those places are all so big of course they are going to hate eachother. Oh well...

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