Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

Hello Happy Airsofters,

I'm writing this post after having much discussion with Frost (aka Cody Parcell) about where we would like to see the future of Diamond Corps digital media. Many of us have seen numerous airsoft related videos on YouTube and there are both good and bad examples of high quality productions. In lieu of this Cody and I have taken it upon ourselves to unofficially create the Diamond Corps Production Team which strives to produce high quality digital media featuring Diamond Corps Airsoft. We do this as a hobby and also a labor of love. We are currently in production of several highlight reels from prior 2012 airsoft ops with plans to capture future Diamond Corps operations and turn them into entertaining pieces of media for everyone's viewing pleasure.

Videos created from this team will be posted both here on the BATTLEGROUND Forum and also on YouTube under the User Channel, "Flapjack203". Please subscribe to this channel to receive the latest installments of what the Diamond Corps Production Team has to offer and spread the word of the videos already produced to your friends to help increase the popularity of this sport we all love and enjoy.

If you have any possible suggestions for future videos to produce or if you would like to volunteer your services in creating these videos please either talk to Flapjack or Frost on the forums and we will see what we can do. Feel free to post suggestions below or ask questions about future video projects.

Thanks everyone and enjoy the videos! We hope to see you in future videos!

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You guys have my full support. Your first was incredible, and I am looking forward to your Hollywood Sports video! Scramble has had some great ideas for future stuff that he had talked about a while back. I personally have a DC team project which includes doing a video of the hand signals we currently use to post in the team area. (Short video idea?). I will put some thought into this and get back to ya.

(44 INF should be a good location this weekend!)

My thanks to you both.

i second the hand signals

Awesome idea.

of course this happens when i leave -_-

Talk to Farside, bookman, and ziggy. They are filming the roguenationairsoft channel while i maintain. I'm sure they'd love to lend their help. If you wanna message me with details id love to help on the internet end, and if it's ok post them on my youtube channel and stuff. Always wanted game footage things. I'm sure i can pull in some resources/sponsors to help you guys out perhaps with video, gun needs etc

Well, your Hollywood Sports video was great. (And I know how little you had to work with). I hope tou put together one on the 44th! I am begining to look forward to these like I look forward to the AARs.

We have 2 cameras worth of footage from the game play of operation assyrian spearhead which will turn into a video unto itself aside from the earlier video of seth and I building the listening post. We have plans to get two cameras worth of shots from this Saturdays game against the 44th infantry which will be fun to put together seeing as they have big toys.

We are putting together a list of projects for future production which includes the hand signals video, general Diamond Corps PSA's like How to Deploy the LMOT.

We also want to get coverage of the pistol competition in September and turn it into a golf tournament style video with stats, scoreboards, and commentary from the announcers. interviews with some of those running the events or judging the stations as well as a few of the people competing.

All of this with the Diamond Corps sense of humor as well to make them entertaining. Let us know if there is any other type of video you would like to see done in the future and we'll start brainstorming ideas for it! Glad we have your support!

I hope you guys can make it to my Korean OP in September also.

Deploying the LMOT is easy. Grab Flapjack by the handle, pick him up, toss him on the grenade. =D

I am excited to see what you guys turn up!

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