Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

As i find myself working more and more i obviously have much less time for airsoft and really could use the money for bills, gf, and such.

Okay so here is the stuff. Ill add pics later when i find the time to.

CA m15: External: Upgraded to a full stock, remove the forward sight and replaced with a railed gasblock which atm has a foregrip attached, extended barrel + added suppressor (meaning it can fit a m16 sized barrel). Minor wear and tear adding to the authentic look. Little rusting on the dust cover. Missing the mag release button because the CA design is a B to take apart and put back together (does not harm performance, i do have the pieces for it for anyone who wishes to re attach it.) Acog reddot and Reflex sight included.

Internal: 6.04 510mm barrel. Rewired the gearbox to replace the old wiring which was bulky and crimped in the body because of its bulk. Also had to replace the air nozzle and now has a compression problem i am currently working on. I will not sell you a broken gun and it will be fixed before i do so. Everything else is stock. $300

KWA NS2 Mac11: 2 mags. back sight is bent from being dropped but lets face it....noone uses the sights on a mac haha. $110

Maruzen Walther p38: 2 mags. great for WW2 buffs. $75

ASGI g4: this one is not constructed. As far as i know all the parts are accounted for and just need to be put together. Because of its current state im selling it for half what i would as put together. $100

M4 Mags: 2 hi-caps, 6 VN mids, 1 VN hi-cap, 1 pdw style midcap. Mids and $5 each, hi are $7. Bundle it all for $40, or $20 if purchased with one of the m4s.

Also, not looking for any trades. Ive got no time to play in the first place so trading is kinda pointless.

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  Interested in the VN mags. Are any of them metal ,or are they plastic shell? Also, what is the capacity on the mids?

if issac is not interested in vn mags i is will you be at next game if not ill have my people (brett cox) contact your people (brett cox) also sorry to hear bout the downsize

  Depending on the specs, I might be nice and split them with you Tank :) Just waiting for a reply from Ziggy

the VN mids are all plastic shell, the vn hi is a metal shell.

sounds good to me Issac

The Walter is calling my name. I will get you the money next time I see you.

Okay brett haha.

Walther is Sold!!

So far everything else is up for grabs!

I'm in the need for some mid cap mags, I'd be willing to buy 3 of the VN midcaps if thats alright with you

Sounds like the vn mids are already double sold from the other posts. So you may have to wait in line until someone maybe backs out.

Arggg, i only have one working mid-cap right now, and thats not very useful.

I do sell new ones at the store if you need some. Not as good of a deal as Ziggy has right now but it could fix your problem.

How much Jensen for a good mid cap at your store?

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