Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

are we allowed to wear ghillie suit

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If you really want to wear one out in this kind of weather I don't think anyone will tell you no but with how warm it has been I would not recommend it. However if there are complaints about players wearing ghillies not calling their hits they will probably be asked to remove them. If you do decide to wear one please make sure to stay VERY hydrated. You will lose a lot of fluid wearing one of those.

yes you are allowed to wear a ghillie just make sure to call hits. sometimes the ghillie will not give the snap that we all know when getting hit outside of that yeah bring it out and definitly as John said stay hydrated.

Allowed but not recommend. Most operators do not have the skill to make use of a ghilli suit. Most will overheat, be dragging 10 pounds of sticks and brush around, and then be shot multiple times by enemy operators who are simply attempting to get you to feel their shots.
But they are allowed.

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