Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

Not quitting the hobby just downsizing/moving on to other toys/upcoming trip.

!st A&K M249 Saw with box mag 2400 rounds or there about.  Wired deans for lipo.  Shoots around 300 using  25s.  Carry handle has been modified so you can actually carry it.  Stock has been shortened for quick movement from waist to shoulder.


WE CO2 6" revolver.  


Star FNC long style.  Folding stock, added metal top rail mount for scope and metal tactical RAS Hand guard.   Wired deans for lipo.  Including 7.4 lipo peq box and 170 round M4 mag mid-cap.

Shoots around 360 using 25s, unique gearbox so maintenance is not for the novice.

Fire single, full auto and 3 round burst!


Not interested in trades.

Contact here, PM me or email

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Here are some pics. 


WE Revolver is sold

Do you still have the m249?

I do.  Are you interested?


Do you still have the m249?
Yes but i was teally just looking for one for my friend

I'll bring it next missions day.  No pressure.

Im not sure when the next time im going to beable to make it out there but i will let you know
Bluewolf's coming out to play?

I was at the last game!  Jeeze already!

Hey, someone's gotta give you grief ;-)

Add me so i can message you blue.

I will take your M249 if you have it.

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