Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

To paint you gun (or any other item) a camouflage pattern you must first decide your pattern (woodland, tiger, etc...) then the colors you want to use.

After you decide the style get a sample and trace it onto a manilla folder (it is thick enough so the paint doesnt soak through) and cut it out with an x-acto knife. Set aside when done.



Before you can paint you need to take apart your gun and remove anything you dont want to paint (iron sights, gearbox, trigger, etc...) and wash everything you do want to paint. Be sure to use a grease removing soap on it. Towel dry but dont let your skin touch any of the parts or you will get oil on them. I like to put it all back together so the camo pattern is not patchy and different on each part and it looks better. (not necessary though)


Go outside and lay out a piece of plywood or a sheet on a non-windy and preferably warm and sunny day. You can use any spray paint but I recommend using flat colors not gloss. Do your base coat first (I use a quick drying flat black primer spray paint) and let dry. Lay your stencil on your gun and do your first color, carefully remove the stencil and let everything dry. Repeat for every color but move the stencil so it is not repetitive and boring. (turn it, move it, etc...) One done with one side repeat on the other side.











Put your gun back together and test it out.

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One of the best 'step by step' articles I have seen on painting an AEG. Well done.
Thanks, there were not very many when I decided to do my gun. Also people on here were asking about this so I decided to put it up here.
Nice work. I now know how to paint my gun! What sniper rifle is that by the way?
Its just a Well MB02. My G3 I did a little better cause I put the body together before painting it.
Very nice. I've been thinking about painting my gun but am too afraid it won't turn there any sort of paint remover or something in case i mess up or something? Or do you just spray the whole thing black to cover it up
I do not know if there is any paint remover but you can always practice on something else, you dont have to do it on your gun the first time.
krylon makes a great set of non gloss military spray paints od is amazingly close to the actual pattern

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