Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

This is the place, if you lost something, chances are it was found. So if you have lost a piece of gear, post here. If it was found and turned in, you will get a message in your inbox.

Do not post lists of things you have found here.

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There might have been a P90 mag up by President's Rock. Its not a big deal, but if its found, I could use it back (can't have enough mags right?)

I lost the gas resivour from a shotgun shell somewhere between red 1, the fuel depot and just below the road near the fuel depot.  Looks just like the back end of a shotgun shell.  its pretty shiney if you wouldnt mind keeping an eye out.



Missing a CO2 blowback CZ-75 Compact, black polymer frame, stainless metal slide, and rubber grips. Lost it last July, I think in the lower half of the field.

Um, I'm missing a woodland boonie hat also. Mine has a hole shot in one of the ventilation things near the top. You know those little holes covered by the mesh. I lost it on the 31st.

I lost a pocket knife and the buttplate to a M4. not entirly sure where, so if anyone stubles across it in a game, let me know. thanks

I lost a white knife with some black across it. Its a pretty big knife. I lost it almost a year ago. Also I left a green bottom half. Of mesh googles face protector thing.

I did lose a AMP tactical railed red dot scope, about 5 or 6 months ago. Its black and as mentioned, has rails and flip up covers.

I lost a grey metal M4 mid cap with a Magpul somewhere in the general trinagle of R1, the Bridge and R2. Could possibly be in the trench. Let me know if someone stumbles across it. Thanks

Squirrel: Your mag was recovered and given to OPCOM. You can collect it when you like.
I think I may have left a pair of sage green,Velcro-strap, gloves; probably near the staging area in March. Anyone run across them?
Well! After going thru my gear to get ready for "the rumble" I noticed I lost my one point bungee at the night op. it's black. It should have been left in the staging area. I also had my M4 charging handle ripped out during one of my evasive flights. Doubtful that will show up but who knows....."

i left my K-pot in the staging area, its marked "sarge"

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