Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

My brother wants the CMO28 AK47. Is it any good?

He also wants a pistol. Any suggestions?


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As a beginner AEG, for someone who isn't sure about Airsoft, it looks like an ok deal. The problem with clones is consistency. Some are great, some are really bad. Most are ok for a while. Clones are generally less expensive then the name brand because they are made using cheaper materials and processes.

If he is looking for a quality entry level AEG, I suggest looking at the Classic Army Sportline series. As a base gun, they are fantastic and treated well, are quite reliable.

As for pistols, I suggest either a glock or M1911 style gas operated pistol. Tokyo Mauri has some nice options, but do tend to run rather expensive.

Overall, my advice is to not settle on a gun because it is inexpensive. But look at some hard independent reviews from actual players about the internals and overall quality. And I always recommend going into a local airsoft shop to hold the gun you want to buy.

pistol i would say kwa line up best bang for the buck

agreed with above. The cyma ak's are actually some of the best clone guns though, cyma makes great ak's, m14's, and their thompson are more consistently good then not. for the same price the sportlines are good as well, and the g&g m4 series are some great guns.

pistol I will always recommend TM first, as they will last forever, shoot literally the best of any pistol as far as distance and accuracy, and are just great guns. if that's not in budget, next is kwa with the middle price. I wouldn't really recommend anything lower then that just because it is a bigger hit and miss with WE, KJW, etc but it is up to him

How much is your brother looking to spend? I've got a couple of AK's, a gas blowback M9, and a CYMA G18C AEP, I can sell him one of the AK's and a pistol as a package if he's interested.

I have a clone ACR. I fell I got lucky in its quality. Name brands are always better than clones in a blind grab. Check craigslist for something cheap and just have it checked out, you could be money ahead still.

yeah or, which i feel is a bit more reliable than craigs, or ebay so you have buyers protection.

hey juice how much you asking for the g18c?

He wants to spend 40-50 dollars but hes willing to save and earn extra.

Spidedd, the CYMA G18C AEPs are $60 and they are brand new.

I would look around at the local craigslist, they have nice custom builds for cheap alot of times.


I have this ak I picked it up for 60 buck used it lots and had great results with it after  year its gearbox finally got fried (it was used so what are you going to do) I bought the new version of the same gearbox and dropped it in and now it runs like a champ. I can show it to you come the next missions day.

Great! were did you get it (Craigslist, e-bay)?

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