Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

So everyone I wanted to let you all know that I am preparing a Vietnam era op. this is currently in the works and a date has not yet been posted but i wante to give you all ample time to prepare a kit and to have your guns ready due to the restrictions of the op. if you do not adhere to these guidlines you will not be able to participate. i can post a few pictures there is also a few pictures on the site as well.


For kit i would like to see everyone try and get a full authentic looking kit. i would like it to look authentic so if you need something here are some good websites here and here and here or ebay. you can find almost everything here. i will not allow molle vests but if you have molle pouches that is ok just try to get original pieces. no woodland or modern what so evaaaaaah. now for uniforms like i said i will not accept any woodland or modern uniforms. you must follow the exact guidelines below. below i will go over things you must have exact and things that are more suggested or recomended.


  • US forces must have - acceptable uniforms will be Vietnam era OD and tiger stripe jacket and pants with black or OD boots preferably jungle boots (no tan boots or hunting boots ). for covers you must have one of the following. For OD the cover will be a OD boonie or an OD helmet K-pot (with Mitchel Helmet cover NO EDRL or Woodland Cover). For Tiger stripe  it would either be a tiger stripe boonie or an OD helmet with Mitchel cover (no Tiger cover).
  • US forces Kit - no molle vests my suggestion is going on the website above or going to your local surplus store to find an OD pistol belt with a Y harness. vietnam era H harnesses are definitly recomended and highly appreciated but a Y harness will do great. for pouches i will accept OD molle pouches but try to make sure all your pouches have molle on them.
  • US forces weapons - now i will accept all weapons but if you could try to get your guns looking as close to, if not exactly it would be appreciated (also no painted guns too please i will still accept them though).  M16 VN style, Colt Xm177 (VN style M4), M14 (with wood stock), M60 VN, Stoner Mk. 23 machine gun, M79 grenade launcher, M700 (bolt action wood stock). now there will be no red dots or optics or fore grips or flash lights or rail accessories or mock   the bolt actions will be the only exception the the optic clause the only thing is try and make it look like VN style. this is not to restrict anyone who has an AK or a G36 but try to have an M4 style rifle. any pistol will be accepted but 1911 or revolver of VN era would be recomended (no modern holsters).painted guns are frowned upon (slightly discouraged but if it is all you have then it will be accepted).


  •   NVA forces must have - acceptable uniforms will be all black pants and long sleeve shirt with a black and white shemagh or the identification scarf (basically the same thing) or tan long sleeve BDU with OD pants and boots... plese don't try and go original VC wth sandals or clogs it will just end up with you being hurt. now for a cover the all black will be wearing a san pan or can go without anything but try and get a san pan (rice hat typical asian hat (not trying to be racist)). for the Tan shirts and OD pants a san pan will work but the OD pith helmet or a VN NVA "patrol cap" (can be found on the websites above). on the pith helmet if you want to get the net that goes over the top and if you want to fill it with folliage more power to ya and it will look more authentic.
  • NVA forces Kit - again NO MOLLE vests. there is an AK vest on the websites above. the AK canvas chest rig also a pistol belt with a dump pouch or whatever you want to put on it. you can also go with the US sides Y harness or H harness rig. also the Combat sport supplies sight has a lot of extra goodies too that you can add to your kit.
  • NVA forces weapons - i will accept all weapon types but if you can stick to the list and make it look authentic. now this is were things get a little tough but i will give you a long list of weapons. for starters i will go over the popular weapons the AK 47 (and the chinese variant), the SKS rifle (if anyone finds a good aeg version you are da man if you make one you are a even better than the man), the monsin nagant.... if that is how you spell it, the PPSH 41. now there are a few less popular guns that they used such as the thompson, M1 garand and M1 carbine, also they took the M14 and M16 off dead soldiers so basically you can have an M16 or M4 but if you have an AK or a PPSH that would make it that much more real. painted guns are frowned upon (slightly discouraged but if it is all you have then it will be accepted).


With all this i am not trying to exclude anyone, i am trying to make an op seem as real as possible. the more you put into your rig the more realistic it will feel (and if you go ot a different game others will be envious hehehe).


if you have any questions or any thing you want to make sure will work such as rubber knives let me know and i will try and help ya with it. also let me know your thoughts or if you want to add anything. so far the missions are in the works and it will be coming to an airsoft field near you (hehehe). anyways hope you guys have fun putting your kits together.


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also Dragunovs are also a sniper rifle used by the NVA and can have an optic on it

Good write up for prepping for a VN op.

As a note though, you may want to break VC and NVA out.

I got my OD uniform, I'll work on getting a k-pot. I have my web belt and Y harness and I will be getting old style M16 mag pouches, however I'll be the most advanced soldier in 1972 cause I no longer have my M16 so I'll be sporting my ACR. But...I do have VN style mags lol. I'm looking forward to this Tank sounds like its gonna be very detailed.

update: got the mag pouches and a canteen cover. Since I hate yellow and love to be different, i got a 1st Infantry Division patch to finish out the kit.

the ACR will be accepted definitly and that is cool that you are going outside of the box with the 1st division

also i didn't want to put labels on it yet i don't want you guys knowing too much info about the op.... yet

Will this be another limited ammo op? (I think it should be, I enjoyed that last time) 

Oh this sounds exciting :D how are teams determined? I would love to be on the US team, cause then i can get a set of tiger stripe, and i may even pick up just a cheap vn style m16 and revolver for it (could be fun)

Maybe we can get some other guys to go 1st Infantry and have a sub team?

otay im having the 1st air cav and the 3rd Regiment 2nd Battalion marines and The North Vietnamese Army and the VietCong of the area of the AO. now you don't need to get patches but if you have a 1st division patch you are still gonna be playing the 1st air cav.


and for limited ammo that is still in the works.


spidded that would work out nicely just make sure you have a pistol belt and not too much molle

Great Idea; I cannot wait to hear about the missions.

When is the expected date? I'll have to start picking up uniform and gear if i wanna participate.

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