Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

Well, after reading through some of the descriptions, and seeing that I originally posted this in February of 2009, I figured I had better update my own post. Thank Phoenix for the inspiration.

My usual position on the team is point, and for that reason my kit reflects a high mobility, quick reaction set-up. I prefer to wear Woodland BDU's for the fact that they are still about the best camoes in high foilage, forested terrain typical of the field I am on. Standard Nam-Jungle boots, and an all Molle web setup. Adding gloves, knee protection, a Woodland Marines style cap, and full face mask, (point man takes a lot of fire) rounds out my field kit.

I have attached a minimal amount of pouches, keeping them attached high on my webbing to reduce drag while running, and moving through the brush. I carry M4, hi-cap or mid-cap mags located in one or two M4 pouches to my left side, and an all purpose pouch at the back (useful for extra BB's, batteries, and even lunch). On the rare occasion when I attach an M203 launcher to my M4, I add two 48 round star shells in a shell pouch on my belt to the right. My canteen has been replaced by a Camelback, and a K-Bar (a gift from my wife), is now attached to my left harness strap. My radio rides on my left shoulder in it's own pocket, and I carry a digital camera in a pouch opposite. 

My M4 suffers from an upgraded 120 spring, and occasionally an R/G scope, and/or the 'mosquito' M203 launcher.

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I run with a 6mm Classic Army M15A4 S.P.C. that I run .25s through, and a HI-CAPA 5.1 6mm Green Gas pistol to a majority of the games I attend. I wear the standard Ameba Jungle BDUs with a Web harness and boots with a LOT of ankle support. I carry five Hi-cap magazines (1500 BBs) on my left side with a drop pouch on my right to carry various random objects. I wear a full head shield mask that covers from the top of my head all the way to the base of my neck all the way around for maximum protection. When I run with a radio I go fully tactical, and just tuck it in my front pocket so that when I go prone it beeps and gives away my position. During night games I like to carry a night vision monocular and several glow sticks for tagging items and people.
I run with a classic army scar-L with a fore-grip and a red dot scope. my position in my squad is infantryman, command, and seldom pointman. I like the scar because of the versitility of it. I has a long enough barrel to do some short range sniping and a folding stock for cqc style pointman entries into bases bunkers and such. I really do like Chris' set up for pointman and the fact he keeps things minimal and simple. I used to run that way until I found my Interceptor plate carrier which does help for clearing out a trench or bunker to take a lot of fire. I now wear digi ACU due to my plate carrier. I sometimes wear woodland if the terrain makes me. I also usually wear a helmet to keep my peripheral vision clear because in my personal opinion the face mask gets in my way when trying to get the rifle stock up to my face and also the mask reduces my peripheral vision too. I am still working on trying to get all my pouches together and in the right configuration I want. I usually run with 7 mid caps that hold 160 rounds each. I do not like winding my mags I like reloading and going rather than winding also the mid caps are quiet when moving.
I like to be considered SPEC-OPS in a way. Not so much full sniper as rounded out. I have a CA-Sport Ed. M-15A4 tac Carbine. I have a carry handle scope mount with a 3-9x40 scope (cheap and from Wal-Mart but fairly zero'd). I just bought a mid cap VN style mag for it for this past weekend before I sprained my foot but also carry the hi-cap it came with. Hopefully by next op I'll have retired the high cap completely 'cause I love the silence of the mid cap and the VN's low-pro design. Side arm is a really cheap M1911 that shoots about 20' with 25's. Its for looks really 'cause I like wearing my tactical holster. Face protection for now is just shooting glasses 'cause I need to get in much better shape and can't afford my full mask fogging up on me (which it did during an op in September). Given the extra time my clumsiness earned, I'll be picking up a canteen and maybe a drop bag for hauling a load of BB's with me in case of HEAVY combat.

I'll see if I can get a picture of my gun up on here later.
Envy the humble man. Next?
Hmmm I will reboot this thread cause i wanna read what everyone else's loadout is. ha..

my loadout currently i wear a full marpat BDU uniform. I do this both cause it looks cool/different from regular woodland, and i think it personally works better then regular woodland uniforms. i have a marpat molle loadout that includes a molle vest, pouches, and drop leg platform/holster. I also have an ACU bdu set for different OPs. I wear a lower face mask cloth thing with steel goggles (not mesh, but the other kind) because i hate fogging..along with my marpat boonie hat.
Gunwise i carry an upgraded KWA gas MP7 with 3 long type mags w/ magpuls, a multi reticle red dot sight, etc. I love this gun because it feels the perfect weight, and just holding it in general. its a CQB gun but shoots hard and far and accurate. With it i can play whatever role is needed in the particular mission. My secondary is a KWA 1911 Mark II. I love 1911's and KWA so this seemed ideal. i love this pistol so much. both kwa's run on green gas, are blowback, etc. The reason i decided to go all gas blowback was because i love the feel of it and the realism it provides, even if it is more expensive. so yeah :)
Its been a year and 4 months, nearly to the day. Figure I'll take this time to update a little because I'm better laid out.

Weapons: Still the CA M-16A4 Carbine. Upgraded to a KJW 1911 Double Stack GBB. (still need a mag for it)

Uniform: Woodland BDU for normal wear and 3 color Sands for desert and dry grass. Army style patrol cap for both.

Belt: 3 mag pouchs (2 MOLLE 1 Alice) and first aid kit (yeah it contributed to my injury but safety first). Tan Tactical vest for my sandies.

Mask: I think I need to grab a full face. Would prefer to get a mesh goggle but not sure if I can get it here in time for the next op (training day)
Uniform: Woodland BDU, Green MOLLE Vest, Bugz Mesh Goggles, Hat or Bonnie,

Arsenal: AK-47, M4, M14, Hi-Capa pistol

No sandies or flektarn yet but i am looking into them both.
I operate with just a Scar-L (with some upgrades) since its so versitile, with .25 for accuracy, I prefer mid-caps cause they make no noise and i hate winding, it takes some realism out of the game and for some reason it reminds me of paintball. I mostly use ACU when in the sierra mountain environs and woodland when its needed. I wear knee pads cause i hate taking abuse to my knees when its avoidable, and I wear only googles and a ninjaclava with a boonie for face protection i seriously dont mind getting shot in that area just as long as the opposition has trigger control. I wear sierra combat boots since ankle support is key in the locations i play in, I also run a simple condor chest rig to keep it light and tactical since I see it pointless to bring all the bells and whistles to a 1/2 hour fire fight and then take a break afterwards anyways. Very rarely I will bring my M9 pistol too but it seems i never use it unless clearing out a building if rules dictate, I also have a radio that i keep on my chest rig strap but mostly i keep it off if im teamed up with some eternal noobs since they tend to just ramble on and give away friendly positions. Thats it!
Update on my loadout:

Gun primary is currently a black Ares Tavor. Side arm is the cyma glock aep (awesome pistol). And a m3000 full metal shotgun. Possibly also an l85.

May be getting more guns as well (got unexpected revenue).

More people's loadouts?

Alright I know this discussion is old, but so much of my stuff has changed so I thought I'ld restart it. I'm sort of a gearhead, so I got a lot of stuff. My entire loadout is based off Marine Force Recon. I wear full MARPAT BDU's, a tan plate carrier, which holds 8 mids in the front and sides, and a radio, utility pouch and dump pouch on the back. I carrier my custom KWA DMR, which yes is a true DMR. I run any thing between .25's to .3's depending on wind. I only wear a shemagh and goggles. Altough I carry a ton of gear, I only carry what I need to fufill the roll of DM. I'm in the process of acquiring a side arm, probably the socom gear Oasis.

Anyone else?

I'll post since my loadout is pretty much completely different.ha. I'm running full woodland now and am working  (slowly) on getting woodland molle and such. My primary is an extremely upgraded G&G M14 EBR with custom paint, an eotech,etc etc. I love that gun. Have put a couple hundred into it on upgrades alone.


Secondary is my brand new TM 1911 desert warrior. love that gun as well :D


My (start) of a world war 2 loadout is a TM Thompson i aquired from Flapjack. 


I primarily run with mesh goggles boonie and a face mesh mask, but when its not hot i prefer a shemagh or my cloth mask. Also have elbow and knee pads which actually come quite in handy. 


Continue the posting :D

My load out is constantly evolving: But the most constant thing it is set up for are speed and stealth. my primary is an MP5 RIS system with an extended barrel  for longer range. I have usually sport OD top and woodland bottoms, my secondary is a 1911 carbine gas blow-back, My rig is custom for comfort and utility  my vest is a SWAT style designed with movement in mind I usually just wear range glasses and some kind of cover its either a seal style helmet, or a baseball hat.

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