Airsoft in the YubaCity / Marysville area.

Well, after reading through some of the descriptions, and seeing that I originally posted this in February of 2009, I figured I had better update my own post. Thank Phoenix for the inspiration.

My usual position on the team is point, and for that reason my kit reflects a high mobility, quick reaction set-up. I prefer to wear Woodland BDU's for the fact that they are still about the best camoes in high foilage, forested terrain typical of the field I am on. Standard Nam-Jungle boots, and an all Molle web setup. Adding gloves, knee protection, a Woodland Marines style cap, and full face mask, (point man takes a lot of fire) rounds out my field kit.

I have attached a minimal amount of pouches, keeping them attached high on my webbing to reduce drag while running, and moving through the brush. I carry M4, hi-cap or mid-cap mags located in one or two M4 pouches to my left side, and an all purpose pouch at the back (useful for extra BB's, batteries, and even lunch). On the rare occasion when I attach an M203 launcher to my M4, I add two 48 round star shells in a shell pouch on my belt to the right. My canteen has been replaced by a Camelback, and a K-Bar (a gift from my wife), is now attached to my left harness strap. My radio rides on my left shoulder in it's own pocket, and I carry a digital camera in a pouch opposite. 

My M4 suffers from an upgraded 120 spring, and occasionally an R/G scope, and/or the 'mosquito' M203 launcher.

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I use a KWA m4. I have 3 120rnd Magpul midcaps and 1 KWA 300 rnd High cap. When I feel in the mood I also use to clipped together G&G 450rnd magazines for +900 rnds. Sometimes I wear my K-Bar.

I wear woodland BDU's, an OD green condor baseball cap, hiking boots, a belt with mag pouches and a dump pouch. I also have a radio. Sometimes I'll use a shemagh. I also have a $10 pair of mechanix gloves.

 When I have specific role to fill I will use and upgraded draganov for sniping although it's pretty hard to do sniping in airsoft.

What kind of bbs are you using in your dmr rifle? The heavier gram higher qualiry bbs are more accurate.

I am using ICS .25s. Are those ok? I use them because I want ammo compatability between my KWA and Draganov. Also I'm not sure what Mr. Atkins thinks about using BBs heavier than .25s on his field.

This is my current selection of weapons and their mags (that I just got down marking for ownership ID). Oh and check it out, I finally got my UMP equipped with a stock!

My loadout is ever-changing weaponwise. Usually can expect me to be carrying a mid sized AR and a semi automatic sidearm. Woodland is my mainstay, but also wear ACU on occasion.

My gear loadout is not likely to change and is pretty simple.

Scout Cap

Shemagh (for neck protection)

Belt, right dropleg platform on which 3 mag pouches reside, left dropleg dump. Right hip holster, right lower back zipper pouch, left lower back pouch for carrying Claymore. Med pack center of the back.

If i know there will be alot of uncontrolled fire i add a Molle vest to take most of the impact without disrupting hit calling.

And a pair of patrol steel toe boots to top it off...or bottom it out... either way.

Awesome loadout phoenix. Nice variety of guns/roles. 

I currently have all woodland BDU's and a woodland vest (looking to switch out now), nothing too extravagent. I have a highly upgraded G&G M14 EBR with several mags, works like a dream. 

I (or rather John and JF....ha) is finishing up my project M4, which is basically a custom m4 that i picked out all the individual parts and had them assembled together. Too many parts to name but basically it is a high speed set up but still maintains accuracy (I just wanted somehting to take a break from doing single shot guns for the past couple of years). 

My sidearm is a TM 1911 Desert and i got a 40 round extended mag for it. Awesome pistol that shoots beautifully

At the moment, my only weapon is a TM G18C, and my Camouflage gear is a ragtag mix of German Flecktarn Jacket and MOLLE webbing, and Auscam Cap. As far as leggings go, it's generally el'cheepo Generic woodland camo of assorted styles.

To date, it's been a good enough load, and works well with a Pair of Auscam gloves and camo paint to smudge over any exposed skin leftover.

Once upon a time as Cadet Corporal (Before being invalidated from joining the ADF due to Medical Reasons), We used to train with the generic Infantry loadout, so being one for familiararity, once I get Stateside, I'm looking into decking Myself with Standard Digger issue gear, Full Auscam Fatigues And F88A or C rifle (The Steyr AUG to all you Yanks), a few spare magaziness, and a cold steel training KA-BAR if I can get my paws on one.

Im glad to see someone else appreciates the AUG in this joint. My loadout has remained everchanging, and my gun has been finished. I run KWA KM16 BR, with completely upgraded internals and modded externals. I wear a tan PC, and MARPAT, but I have recently considered changing to ATACS. I have 4 mag pouches front, 2 on each side. I also have a SAW pouch on the side (used for utility purposes) and dumpouch on back. 1 Med pouch front. I still carry the marksmen roll for my squad, and my sidearm is still a katana. No kills yet with it. Pics to follow.

Okay, so... After a trawling EBay for cheep weapons (Because MIkky Dee's doesn't leave for much of a budget when your paying for 4k airfares as well)

My new main weapon is an A&K Mk43 Mod0 with a 3.5k round drum... Not quite the Minimi, but, hey, I figure at the rate of fire it has, I get about 4 solid minutes of suppression out of it before I'm back to my sidearm.

Still looking for a primary though, thinking small and thigh strappable, maybe a P90 or something German and starting with M... or U... But at the moment, I'm just going to be going with out of the Box entry level stuff. Maybe once I get there in September, I can get a match in with all you fine folk's and get some pointers on upgrading and such.

When you get here I'll let you roll my UMP. It has some issues, but otherwise is a good gun. I'll try to get those issues ironed out before then.

Oh, awesome man, that would be great until I can find either something similarly sized to use... Or an Extra few Box magazines and a Riot Shield. Either works :P

Phoenix said:

When you get here I'll let you roll my UMP. It has some issues, but otherwise is a good gun. I'll try to get those issues ironed out before then.

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